Fuck You, Pay Me: Casho Drops New Heat

Interview By Nasa Lamode Follow Casho: “FUCK YOU, PAY ME”. This isn’t just the title of Casho’s latest project that drops today, May 15th, 2023, but it’s the lifestyle that the Houston based rapper thrives in. FUPM is the third installation of a series of albums that showcases the Arkansas born artists’ skill set. ThisContinue reading “Fuck You, Pay Me: Casho Drops New Heat”

A Slice of Life with Model and Actress – Kimberly Sanchez

Interview By Nasa Lamode Follow Kimberly Sanchez and Kimbo’s Slice (of Life) Podcast: Many rising creatives are seeking outlets in which they can showcase their personality and give an insight of their personal lives. This is especially hard in an industry that is so heavily controlled. Kimberly Sanchez, a model and actress based out ofContinue reading “A Slice of Life with Model and Actress – Kimberly Sanchez”

SlumDawg: Marlii North

Interview By Nasa Lamode Follow Marlii North: Nasa: What’s good Marlii – How you feeling today? Marlii North: Shit, I’m feeling lovely bro. I coudln’t ask for it any other way. Nasa: Let’s talk about your latest drop, “2 for 30” – the LP with the 2 joints “Eat” and “Greedy” Feat. Casho. Marlii North:Continue reading “SlumDawg: Marlii North”

From A Blank Canvas: Rahn The Don

Interview By Nasa Lamode Follow Jerahn “Rahn The Don” Thomas: From a blank canvas, 27 year old Houston rapper and entreprenuer, Jerahn “Rahn The Don” Thomas, is building his foundation. Rahn doesn’t just stop there, he also skates, is a photogrpaher, videographer and much more than meets the eye. Rahn recently dropped an EP onContinue reading “From A Blank Canvas: Rahn The Don”

The Platinum Boy Geak

Interview By: Nasa Lamode Follow Rob Ba$e: Milwaukee is a city that has undergone a lot of changes in a short period of time. For decades it was known solely for its production and distribution of beer, cold winters and endless pubs and bars. It was also known for being an industrial city, far fromContinue reading “The Platinum Boy Geak”

The Rose That Grew From Concrete

Interview by Nasa Lamode Follow Rosemary German: Houston, Texas is known for its rich and diverse culture. A key piece of this culture is a rapidly booming creative space. Among the masses shifting to the new hub, are creatives, models, and designers from Los Angeles and New York, giving Houston a new standard with artContinue reading “The Rose That Grew From Concrete”

Gxddess Indra The Bronx Buttafly

Interview By Nasa Lamode: Follow Gxddess Indra: The Bronx, New York is known for being home to the professional baseball team, The New York Yankees. It’s also known for being a pioneer of the musical genre Rap and Hip-Hop. Within this culture rich jungle, many successful celebrities and rising artists were birthed, one bring aContinue reading “Gxddess Indra The Bronx Buttafly”

Tobacco Ryan: The Ghetto Samurai

Interview By Nasa Lamode Follow Tobacco Ryan: Houston, Texas has a rich culture that is ever growing. This culture is cultivated by artists and creatives that constantly push the envelope and innovate. I got the opportunity to interview a specific artist who has both their hands and feet submerged and is part responsible for theContinue reading “Tobacco Ryan: The Ghetto Samurai”

100 Years of Luck and Wealth For Cent’Anni

Interview By: Nasa Lamode Follow Cent’Anni: Detroit native, Xavier “Cent’anni” Passmore, is making waves in the fashion world from runway shows in NYFW to motion throughout Houston, where he now resides. I got the chance to chop it up with the multi talented model who also is a photographer and we talked about where heContinue reading “100 Years of Luck and Wealth For Cent’Anni”

It’s all about Lui: “200/500”

Follow Lui: Interview By: Nasa Lamode Nasa: Lui, how you feeling bro. It’s great to finally have you here on Bad Habit. Lui: I’m feeling pretty good gang. Love to be here. Nasa: We did a review for your last release, “Cosmic Luv.” Since then, what you been up to?  Lui: Shit, honestly I justContinue reading “It’s all about Lui: “200/500””