It’s all about Lui: “200/500”

Follow Lui: Interview By: Nasa Lamode Nasa: Lui, how you feeling bro. It’s great to finally have you here on Bad Habit. Lui: I’m feeling pretty good gang. Love to be here. Nasa: We did a review for your last release, “Cosmic Luv.” Since then, what you been up to?  Lui: Shit, honestly I justContinue reading “It’s all about Lui: “200/500””

SB.HiT The Audio Architect

Follow SB.HiT: Interview By Nasa Lamode: Just east of Crenshaw Boulevard is a neighborhood with rich historic value, Leimert Park. The neighborhood dwells in South Los Angeles and was home to many well known Black celebrities including Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles and more recently Dom Kennedy. Surfacing from the same neighborhood is SB.HiT,Continue reading “SB.HiT The Audio Architect”

Jillian Brown – Kick In The Door of Fashion

Follow Jillian: Interview By: Nasa Lamode The world of beauty is an ever changing industry that has constantly shifted since since the begining of time. One of the key elements of beauty is the artistry behind makeup. With the advancement of technology and social media, makeup has also followed in those footsteps. Jillian Brown ofContinue reading “Jillian Brown – Kick In The Door of Fashion”

The World Of Nisha Tashaye

Follow Nisha: Interview By: Nasa Lamode Welcome to the world of Nisha Tashaye. In this world, fashion is cutting edge and captivating, yet eco-friendly and respectful to our planet. In her world, the designs are timeless and pay homage our cultural roots. Nisha’s vision of creating a luxury fashion line that would soon impact theContinue reading “The World Of Nisha Tashaye”

Keeping Up With Kalagino

Follow Kalagino: Interview By: Nasa Lamode 27yo Texas artist, Kalagino, puts us on to his world. Multi-talented Kalagino, whose rooted in ‘Brenham‘, tipped off his career about 3 years before dropping his first mixtape “Backwoods Back Roads” preceding his first official EP, “Rocket Science”. Since then, Kalagino has delivered numberous singles which showcase his diverseContinue reading “Keeping Up With Kalagino”

Lex Rude Is A Born Legend

Follow Lex Rude: Interview By: Nasa Lamode Lex Rude is not your typical entreprenuer. When it comes to business, Lex doesn’t believe in ceilings, however does believe in those that believe in themselves. Hailing out of Trenton, NJ then later relocating to Atlanta, GA, but eventually settling in Des Moines, Lex has built a repertoireContinue reading “Lex Rude Is A Born Legend”

JandroBands Is Steppin’ Off The Porch

Follow JandroBands: Interview by: Nasa Lamode Kickin in the gate out of the ‘Quad City’ region, is JandroBands from Des Moines, IA. At just __ years old, Jandro developed an intricate catalogue of a variation of different styles of rap. At just 22 years old, Jandro had collaborated with an array of artists in andContinue reading “JandroBands Is Steppin’ Off The Porch”

Black Women in Tech: I Quit My Job As A School Teacher To Pursue Cyber Security

Interview By Nasa Lamode Follow Cass Hervey: In 2021, teachers in Texas made an average annual salary of about 54k, according to For a single person, that might work out. But with the quickly rising cost of living, anyone with a family may not be able to say the same. The post pandemic worldContinue reading “Black Women in Tech: I Quit My Job As A School Teacher To Pursue Cyber Security”

Who is Cain?: Ace Mccain Breaks Down His Blueprint And Rebrand

Interview By Nasa Lamode Follow Ace Mccain: Hailing out of northside Houston’s infamous neighborhood and district, Greenspoint, also known to locals as ‘Gunspoint‘, rises Rapper, Entrepreneur and all of around jack of many trades, ‘Ace Mccain‘ or simply ‘Cain‘ as he now goes by. We were able to lock in and chop it up withContinue reading “Who is Cain?: Ace Mccain Breaks Down His Blueprint And Rebrand”

Crazy Random Cool: A Podcast About The Misadventures of Adulting

Interview By: Nasa Lamode Follow The “Crazy Random Cool” Podcast”: Adulting isn’t an easy transition. From sex and relationships to jobs and finances, all in the midst of finding yourself. Toni (aka the ‘Random Queen’) features a guest for 30mins on her podcasts where they open up about their personal, totally random, experiences and journeys.Continue reading “Crazy Random Cool: A Podcast About The Misadventures of Adulting”