Fuck You, Pay Me: Casho Drops New Heat

Interview By Nasa Lamode

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“FUCK YOU, PAY ME”. This isn’t just the title of Casho’s latest project that drops today, May 15th, 2023, but it’s the lifestyle that the Houston based rapper thrives in. FUPM is the third installation of a series of albums that showcases the Arkansas born artists’ skill set. This album, which Casho himself states is most mature album to date, shows his growth, evolution and grasp on the realities of his life and the music industry. I got a chance to chop it up with my peer and good friend about his fire new album – here’s what he had to say.

Shot By: Nasa Lamode 2023

NASA: Casho, what’s good my boy. It’s been a minute since we had you here. A lot has changed since the last interview. How you feeling?

CASHO: Wassup fam. I’m excited to be here. I feel great brother, let’s rock out.

NASA: Everywhere I see your face, I see “Fuck you, pay me.” What is that? What do it mean to you?

CASHO: It’s a reflection of the energy I was surrounded by. I wanted to coin that phrase and make something special out of it; Which is this piece of art I delivered here.

NASA: How has this project impacted you. And how has your view as an artist changed?

CASHO: This project is the most mature project from me yet. All honest and real life stories/scenarios on this project. It’s relatable on all levels. My view as an artist hasn’t changed but I’m learning to sharpen my purpose as an artist.

NASA: This the third installment from what Casho has to offer and all of your projects have something to do with money- also, your artist name is Casho. Is this on purpose?

CASHO: Yes. My first [album] title may differ from the rest, but as of right now, it’s always going to be like that with these mixtapes.

NASA: Last time we talked, you mentioned you had a daughter. How is she?

CASHO: [Kyrie] is great. And a huge Casho fan.

NASA: It’s inevitable that she’s grown to be a fan of your music, but does it ever get tough filtering out what’s appropriate for her to listen to at her young age?

CASHO: I try to keep things as real as possible for her, but still appropriate.

NASA: Let’s talk about some of the features on the tape.

CASHO: Shout out Benji Billion, Marlii North, of course Jefe Strong, and Lil Stacks, my dawg..I grew up with all these guys.

NASA: This the most features you’ve had on a tape right?

CASHO: Yea, so far this the most.

Photo By Nasa Lamode 2023

NASA: Is there any joints on the tape that just stick out? One that you would recommend to any first time listeners?

CASHO: ‘Millionaire’. That song stand out fashitsho. I can call it different from what you normally get from Casho.

NASA: How long did it take for you to finish this project?

CASHO: This project started around April 2022. But doing features and focusing on getting visuals for the last tape paused the process on “Fuck You Pay Me.”

NASA: Even though it’s early in your career can you rank your projects from favorite to least yet?

CASHO: Honestly, I feel I got better after each one. I would rank them with my first tape being last, in order from my other ones to now.

NASA: How does your family receive Casho?

CASHO: I don’t know. They didn’t really believe it until they seen how the world received me.

NASA: Did they believe in you from the jump?

CASHO: Not with music. Maybe with something else.

NASA: If there was one artist or label from Houston that you would want to work with who would that be?

CASHO: Yung Al.

NASA: You feel like people ever be showing you fake love? How do you deal with that?

CASHO: All the time. I just don’t take anything personal anymore. I don’t really care for a friendship.

NASA: What’s the most annoying part about the music industry you still deal with today?

CASHO: The fake love.

NASA: I haven’t seen you collab with any female artist just yet. What’s the move with that?

CASHO: Nah, I just haven’t got around to working the female artist. Im lookin though.

NASA: Who’s your favorite lady artist out of Texas right now?

CASHO: Big Jade. Off top.

NASA: Do you think 2023 will be your break out year?

CASHO: I believe I can.

NASA: How is your team looking right now?

CASHO: I haven’t formed a team just yet. I have people that I pay to get things done for me. But we aren’t a collective.

NASA: What are the special pieces you’ve added to your team since 2020.

CASHO: Me and Nasa Lamode created a special bond, as well as Jay from “The Serenity Project Group”. Those 2 individuals I can say truly and genuinely want to see me win. The work they’ve done for me since we met has pushed me further in my career. I truly appreciate them.

NASA: Thank you for poppin out. That mean a lot. Can’t wait to hear “Fuck You Pay Me”.

CASHO: Off top.

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