A Slice of Life with Model and Actress – Kimberly Sanchez

Interview By Nasa Lamode

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Many rising creatives are seeking outlets in which they can showcase their personality and give an insight of their personal lives. This is especially hard in an industry that is so heavily controlled. Kimberly Sanchez, a model and actress based out of the DFW hub of Texas, is changing that game with her new podcast called “Kimbo’s Slice (of Life)”. We got a chance to catch up with her and her latest project. Here’s what she had to say…

NASA: Kim! Thank you for pulling up. How are you?

KIMBERLY: Thanks for having me! This is great. All is well.

NASA: I knew you were a model, but had no idea you had a podcast. 

KIMBERLY: Yes, it’s called “Kimbo’s Slice (of Life)”. I actually just released my first episode April 11th so this is very new.

NASA: What’s it about?

KIMBERLY: Kimbo’s Slice (of Life) Podcast mainly focuses on creatives in the industry. Whether you’re a model, actor, singer, photographer, content creator, or any kind of social media influencer. I sit down with the guest and we have a topic of conversation based on their experiences and expertise. We might throw a little bit of relationship stuff here and there. I really just like to go all in and make it fun.

NASA: That’s super dope. Kind of the same reason I started this magazine. I feel like creatives need more quality outlets. How does one get featured on your podcast?

KIMBERLY: All my creators in the industry are welcome to tap in and send me a DM. I’m open to hear about anyone’s brands and how they got started.

NASA: Cool. I made sure to add your information and links at the top of this interview. Do you act as well?

KIMBERLY: Yes, I’m a commercial actor. I’ve done a few commercials that might’ve popped up on your TV screen.

NASA: What was the process in getting signed to an agency for you? Was it hard?

KIMBERLY: The process was a little overwhelming at first. You have to make sure you’re submitting professional headshots, along with a demo reel, and a resume. Then after you submit all that’s required; it’s moreover a waiting game – the agency will reach out to you if they like your looks and if they feel you’re a good fit for their team.

NASA: Last time we chopped it up, you were in Houston. Since then what’s new for you?

KIMBERLY: Well besides the podcast launching. I’ll soon be traveling to Hawaii.

NASA: That’s lit. I never been, but I definitely want to go. You live in Dallas right?

KIMBERLY: I actually live in Fort Worth which is about an hour from Dallas but I’m always in Dallas.

NASA: I still gotta come out there and kick it. Give me a short DFW bucket list. 

KIMBERLY: Depends what your niche is – if you like the views, I’d say the Reunion Tower in Downtown Dallas, The Henry for a nice candlelight dinner, or the Fort Worth Stockyards if you’re into the Honky Tonk cowboys.

NASA: Do you ever leave the city for business? Or do you mainly keep it local?

KIMBERLY: I’ll go anywhere where the business may take me. That’s actually one of the reasons I was in Houston because I had just wrapped up filming a commercial.

NASA: A lot of my readers are music heads. So they are always looking for that new hot shit. Who do you got on your playlist right now?

KIMBERLY: Definitely Drake and more Drake. Haha. Like if you know me, you know how much of a Drake fan I am.

NASA: DRAKEEE? Just kidding. Are you catching up on any dope shows on like Netflix or Hulu or something like that?

KIMBERLY: When I find the time – Jersey Shore Family Vacation is my go to. Don’t judge me. *laughs out loud*

NASA: I’m judging. You got any new endeavors?

KIMBERLY: Honestly, just booking more commercials and really just growing the podcast.

NASA: Any other knowledge you wanna drop on us before you go?

KIMBERLY: “What’s for you, will not pass you”

NASA: That’s a good one. Thank you for poppin out for me. Can’t wait to work with you again.

KIMBERLY: Thank you for having me. Until next time!


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