Gxddess Indra The Bronx Buttafly

Interview By Nasa Lamode:

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The Bronx, New York is known for being home to the professional baseball team, The New York Yankees. It’s also known for being a pioneer of the musical genre Rap and Hip-Hop. Within this culture rich jungle, many successful celebrities and rising artists were birthed, one bring a butterfly named Indra Graves, but many may know her as Gxddess Indra. Gxddess is spreading her wings and I got the honor to hear her story in this exclusive interview. Check it out:

Nasa: Goddess – It’s a pleasure to have you here. How you feelin ma? 

Gxddess: Aye bro, I can’t complain. Just tryna maintain and elevate at the same damn time! Word.

Nasa: So Your name is Indra, but I know you as Goddess. What do you prefer to be called though?

Gxddess: Indra is fine. Gxddess Indra is me in full form when I’m performing and creating. It’s my energy all the way turned up.

Nasa: Dope. So we not strangers at all, but I still feel like it’s certain things that I don’t really know about you yet. I guess we can start with your background. Tell me about that.

Gxddess: Well, my father was born in Puerto Rico and my mom was Black. She passed when I was 8 years old, but her side has roots in a small town in Georgia. That’s as far back as I know. I grew up in The Bronx of course.

Nasa: How did growing up in The Bronx influence you, musically.

Gxddess: Ah man, growing up in The X gives you an insight to all walks of life, all cultures, ages and backgrounds. There’s a beauty in struggle and seeing people make something out of crumbs. Riding the trains everyday in the morning, seeing young drug addicts, and homeless people in need of help…it’s just a reality that hits you early on. It makes you grow up fast. So that gave me a rawness about my expression; a perspective from many angles. The Hero, and the Villian.

Nasa: It seems like just yesterday you was carrying your little one. How is he? How is motherhood? 

Gxddess: He’s good! Getting big and strong! Yeah bro, I got two boys now. It’s crazyyyy. I’m really a new mom so I’m still adjusting on how to balance taking care of me and them. I kinda forgot all about me for a second. I had to find myself after motherhood. Not just for me, but for them. You know? Like, I need to be whole so they get the best version of me. I always remind myself that I’m their first impression of a Black woman.

Nasa: That’s beautiful. As of lately, I’ve been getting mad requests from “Finstas” [Fake Instagram pages] using your identity to scam people. What is that about?

Gxddess: OMG! So annoying. I’ve reported and reported so many times. I made requests to Instagram and they’re not doing much about it. It’s just losers who have nothing better to do. I’m just glad my people know me enough to know that’s not me. They know I don’t move or talk like that. They got the right one though. Belive that. I guess I must be doing something right that people wanna pretend to be me. *shrugs*

Nasa: You definitely jumped up quick, as far as influence goes, over the past few years. Besides music, what do you think contributes to your growth?

Gxddess: I think what people appreciate about me is my humor and my ability to be vulnerable. I talk about things that need to be talked about. I’m also very proud of my heritage and being a woman. And I’m beautiful. Haha. Like, lets be honest. Nah, but for real, I guess being raised with brothers, it gives me that “homegirl” vibe.

Nasa: I seen that you do performances. Where and when? 

Gxddess: Yes I do! I love to perform! I think since COVID and motherhood, for me, it’s been kinda hard to really get out there! But I’m open to any opportunities, I’ll make arrangements. Especially if money’s involved. I got kids you feel me?

Nasa: Na copy. I definitely wanna check you out soon though. You seem to have it all figured out and you’re real confident. But do you ever get insecure?

Gxddess: Hell yeah I get insecure. I can’t front like I dont have my thoughts and moments. You know, according to some, I’m no spring chicken. I’ll be 32 this year and that does kind of mess with me. But I always remind myself that it doesn’t matter. Art has no age. And of course the “BBL” culture has taken over for years now, but team natural. I don’t got the guts to go through with it. Haha. I’m good.

Nasa: What are some of those insecurities? Do you ever use art as a way to express that?

Gxddess: Sometimes I do mention about the “naturalness” of my body or not having a big butt. I try to remind other women we beyond that. And to love ourselves no matter what. It’s important that message is pushed out there.

Nasa: So I’ve only been to New York once. It’s a big ass city, I’ll tell you that. Help me build a bucket list. Give me 5 places that I GOTTA see or do.

Gxddess: Damn that’s a good question! Hmm…let me think. 1. You gotta go to the pier. Go downtown by the water. Look at the city. It’s a vibe. 2. If it’s summer time, definitely go to “Coney Island”. It’s everything you would want for a perfect summer day. 3. Go to any of the museums in the city. It’s such a cute date idea. But I would suggest the Brooklyn museum because of all the Egyptian art. Breathtaking! 4. “Central Park” is classic New York. There’s alot of history there and also “Cleopatras Needle”, which is an actual Egyptian obelisk. So that’s cool. And 5. Ima have to go with the red stairs in Times Square because that’s the heart of the city and you never know who you might bump into.

Nasa: Damn, it’s so much history and culture in NY. Ok. So check it out. I’m currently in Houston, and I’m from Milwaukee, so Chicago is only a quick drive away. With that said, I know GOOD FOOD. I go to LA often and the food just doesn’t compare. But New York ranks high with food as well, can you recommend me like 2-3 of your favorite spots? Any cuisine. 

Gxddess:  I love this small spot called “BK Secret Garden”. Now it is vegan, but it’s so good trust me! They got smoothies and sandwiches that are very filling too! My favorite Spanish food spot is “Grini’s” on 143rd and Lenox. Any day any time, their food is delicious. And for a classic hood burger, you should try “Jimbo’s Diner” on 137th and Lenox. They have other locations but that ones my favorite.

Nasa: I’ll make sure I check those out, especially the Secret Garden joint since I’m a vegatarian. Besides yourself, which Bronx artists should we be looking out for?

Gxddess: I really fuck with ‘Malibu Mitch‘. She’s dope..almost a ‘Foxy’ vibe. ‘Maiya The Don’ is fire too! Can’t wait to see her blow up.

Nasa: Yea, I been rockin with Malibu for a minute. And you’re right. Her sound is mad nosalgic. I hate that she’s so slept on. What new projects are you working on?

Gxddess: I’m always writing music. I have a few in the chamber I gotta let loose on a track. It’s just a matter of time right now. Will be recording soon!!

Nasa: Any other knowledge you wanna drop on us before you slide?

Gxddess: The only thing I can say to the people is – do what you love man! Regardless what anybody says. They probably wish they could do the same thing so fuck em! Do you full heartedly. Be happy while doing it!Have fun!

Nasa: I love that shit! Thank you for poppin up. I can’t wait to see your growth. Keep grinding!

Gxddess: Thank you so much for having me! This was such an honor bro! Glad we could finally collaborate.

Nasa: Absolutely. This wont be the last time either!


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