A Slice of Life with Model and Actress – Kimberly Sanchez

Interview By Nasa Lamode Follow Kimberly Sanchez and Kimbo’s Slice (of Life) Podcast: Many rising creatives are seeking outlets in which they can showcase their personality and give an insight of their personal lives. This is especially hard in an industry that is so heavily controlled. Kimberly Sanchez, a model and actress based out ofContinue reading “A Slice of Life with Model and Actress – Kimberly Sanchez”

Rising Radar: Who Is Suf Rasheed?

Article By Nasa Lamode Follow Suf Rasheed: You may have seen the face of fashion model and photographer, Sufyan Abdul-Rasheed, floating around twitter over the past few days due to a viral tweet declaring him the brother of Zoe Kravitz. Although he isn’t actually the the brother the reknowned actress at all, he is definitelyContinue reading “Rising Radar: Who Is Suf Rasheed?”