SlumDawg: Marlii North

Interview By Nasa Lamode

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Nasa: What’s good Marlii – How you feeling today?

Marlii North: Shit, I’m feeling lovely bro. I coudln’t ask for it any other way.

Nasa: Let’s talk about your latest drop, “2 for 30” – the LP with the 2 joints “Eat” and “Greedy” Feat. Casho.

Marlii North: Man, it’s something we cooked up, last minute in the studio. You know, 20 minutes – 30 minutes worth of material. We just put that shit together and put it out. Just getting back to the essence of Rap. Putting good music out.

Nasa: That’s wassup. What hood are you reppin’?

Marlii North: Shit, I’m from the northside of Houston. Acres Homes to be exact. But you know I’m repping Houston as a whole. That the movement right there. H-Town.

Nasa: Tell me a little about your story. What’s your background?

Marlii North: Shit honestly bro, you know i go by ‘SlumDawg’. Straight from the slums. Getting that shit out the ground – out the mud. You know what I’m talm bout. Like, basically from the bottom. Shit I been all over Houston with it. From the west, to Spring Branch, to the northside with it. So that’s why I’m really just – a Houston nigga.

Nasa: One of your most played songs is “Jumpin”. It’s one of my first draft picks as well. Tell me about it.

Marlii North: Man, that’s just something I feel like alot of people gravitate to in life. Turning up, getting active. Just getting lit with their friends and shit. That’s honestly what that song was about. Me and Casho cooked that shit up and we was like “Man, the people need it.” Honestly, he aint even wanna drop. I had to tell that boy to drop it.

Nasa: Well I’m glad yall did cuz he one of my favorites. Are you independent or signed?

Marlii North: Independent. Independent. Me and Casho got the ‘Rude’ shit going. I got the “SlumDawg” shit going. So all we doing is just pushing that shit forward and keeping that shit going. That’s the movement. My bro take off with the “Rude” shit, I’m part of that shit. I take off with the “Slum Dawg” shit, he part of that shit. So you know, that’s the only thing I’m pushing , the “SlumDawg” “Rude” shit.

Nasa: You want to be signed?

Marlii North: At some point, if it’s beneficial to us. Or to me. I feel like I would, but the business gotta be right. Like, I don’t wanna sign over my masters. I don’t wanna do anything like that. And the music gotta be first and front most. The art of everything, before the money. But the business gotta be right on top of it. More like a partnership if anything.

Nasa: Austin right next door. Did you get a chance to make it out to SXSW this year?

Marlii North: Nah, I was supposed to go to that muthafucka but I aint go. My nigga Casho went and held it down for the gang. I would be out there next year tho. Next year fashoo.

Nasa: Where would you say that you’re at in your career right now?

Marlii North: Right now…I took last year off – not really took it off, I was just dropping singles. Not into the projects and shit. But this year, I’m back with the projects bro. EP’s. I got a mixtape coming soon, “NTFO”. We gone push that out, probably mid summer. I’m tryna aim for July or June or something like that. And after that, I’ma follow that up with a joint tape with my dawg Casho. And then after that, I’ma follow up with ANOTHER EP. Another project, so I’m tryna get out at least 2-3 projects this year.

Nasa: Do you ever feel like you’re missing out on anything? What do you think you could do to really put yourself on the map? 

Marlii North: Honestly, I feel like it’s just me getting the content out. Cuz lately, I just been chillin. Not even puttin the content out on the Gram, TikTok, or whatever it is. I just gotta get more active with that. The music, pushing the content, whether it’s in the studio or me creating it, or me rapping. Whatever it is, I just gotta get back active with it. And just let people know I’m still rapping. That’s the biggest hold back for Marlii. But this year. I’m on go. I’m on gas with it.

Nasa: You kind of answered this question earlier, but I’ll ask you again. You got any new projects underway?

Marlii North: Man, Just look out for me in December. I want yall to look out for “NTFO”, that’s gone be coming soon. June/July. After that it’s gonna be a joint project with my dawg Casho. Then another solo project right after that. We on they ass this year.

Nasa: Any other knowledge you wanna drop on us before you fade?

Marlii North: Man, stay dangerous. Keep keeping the content coming. And whatever you wanna do, chase that shit. Cuz you know, niggas over here- “Rude” and “Slum”, we gone get to it by any means. We aint gone let shit slow us up. And we gone chase and we gone grind until we get it. I feel like if you got a goal and you got a dream gone head and chase that shit. Don’t let nobody you can’t get to it. That’s how I’m tryna do this year. I’m just tryna achieve my goals and shit.

Nasa: That’s wassup bro. It’s all love. Preciate u fallin thru yo.

Marlii North: I appreciate you too brutha. I appreciate you for having me on your platform.


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