The Rose That Grew From Concrete

Interview by Nasa Lamode

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Houston, Texas is known for its rich and diverse culture. A key piece of this culture is a rapidly booming creative space. Among the masses shifting to the new hub, are creatives, models, and designers from Los Angeles and New York, giving Houston a new standard with art and fashion. One model raising the bar is Rosemary German, born in The Bronx, NY, but later relocating to Houston, TX. She was actually casted in our last fashion show. I got the chance to shoot her and learn about her background in this exclusive interview. Check it out:

Nasa: Whats up Rose. How you feeling today?

Rosemary: I’m feeling great today ! Thank you for asking!

Nasa: So I shot you a few days back at my new joint, Studio A1 and we leaked the pictures little early. Since then, we’ve  been getting crazy feedback. It was lit and you were dope.

Rosemary: I appreciate that , the shoot was such a great vibe and I can’t wait to work with you again.

Nasa: Yo, that means alot no cap. When you pulled up, you were all New Yorked out. From the Yankees hat to the Yankees bag. I had no idea you were from New York. We actually met a few times last year, for our fashion show callab we did with “The Serenity Project“, but back then I never really got to hear your story. Tell me about that.

Rosemary: I was raised in The Bronx, NY for about 11 years and I loved it there. Since I was little, I knew New York City especially The Bronx was different. Just by the energy, the food, fashion and different cultures we had around us. I’m proud to call that city my home! After I turned 11, my mom told me and my sister we’ll be moving to Houston. I was pretty sad that I had to leave my family and friends but I had to go. Once I arrived to Houston, I started liking the different scenery we lived in. It was quiet. I liked how everything was slow paced and just more of a relaxing environment compared to New York. I went to Lake Olympia Middle School and Hightower High School. School was pretty challenging at first, but when I graduated in 2016, I went to Texas Southern Univesity to study “Broadcast Journalism” and I’m currently there now. I started taking modeling serious about 2 years ago and loved it ever since. It gave me the confidence that I didn’t have when I was younger and I appreciate modeling just for that.

Nasa: Dope. I never knew any of that. You mentioned that you liked the change of pace in Houston, beside that what else do you enjoy? Do you ever miss home?

Rosemary: I love Houston! It’s the opposite of what New York is, but it’s more peaceful and my second home. I miss New York all the time and will be going this year! 

Nasa: Going back to our fashion show last year, I just want to say that you killed it. You looked great in that Haute Couture gown designed by ‘Kamereo‘. I was working more so behind the scenes so I wasn’t around for the fittings and what not. How did that go?

Rosemary: Thank you. That fit was so gorgeous, I loved the way she designed the dress and the fact that she picked me to wear that one. I felt like a princess that day! 

Nasa: You looked like one. We had younger models who I feel like you may have inpirired after seeing you. Are you working on anything new right now?

Rosemary: I’m currently taking a break from modeling and started focussing on getting out of school & focussed on myself, but I will be back on the modeling scene soon.

Nasa: Copy, I definetely understand the importance recalibration and making sure your priorities and mental health is in order. When getting booked for gigs, what do you look for?

Rosemary: I look for hospitality, consideration, support and a good attitude.

Nasa: We all have a Bad Habit, right? What yours?

Rosemary: I would say being in my head a lot and eating *starts to laugh* omg. I eat a lot, my sister always jokes about how I’m a model and I shouldn’t eat like how I do! So I need to go on a little diet.

Nasa: You’re actually the first lady model that I’ve shot, believe it or not. Again, the pics came out wild by the way. But I’ve heard horror stories about photographers or agents being on some creepy or weird shit with the models during the shoots or bookings. Has that ever happened to you? How do you deal with it. 

Rosemary: Not really because I listen to my instincts when it comes to working with people and most of the time, someone is there so I’m not stressed about that. However, I’ve dealt with one photographer that hasn’t given me my pictures.

Nasa: Yeah, its pretty sad the stuff women do through in this industry. With that said, I know it’s important to keep a network of other models to help communicate the good, the bad and the ugly. How is your relationships with other models?

Rosemary: I have good relationship with a few models that I know and I keep them by side because they are very empowering, kind and what a real friend should be. I’m very cool with other models when I see them at castings or shows.

Nasa: So it seems like nowadays, due to social media, it seems like EVERYONE is a “model”. Theres so many people right now that are wanting a peice of the pie when it comes to the fashion industry. A lot of these people dont really put in the work, but are just self proclaimed with a low quality image. When I see you, I dont see this. I see a hard working woman that is actually modeling and maintaining a higher quality appearance. How do you seperate yourself from the “IG Model” wave?

Rosemary: Doing me and being me, meaning I still have my own life to cater to. I work and go to school, so I have to balance that out with modeling. So I don’t get too hyped up about everyone seeing me on the gram because I’m gonna post when I do, for me & not for no one else.

Nasa: Well I’m impressed. Any other knowledge you want to drop on us before you fade out?

Rosemary: Keep God first, take care of yourself and your mental and know yourself!

Nasa: Well thank you so much for coming through, killing the photoshoot and giving the other girls motivation. I cant wait to work with you again.

Rosemary: No problem and thank you again. It was awesome doing this with you!


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