Lex Rude Is A Born Legend

Follow Lex Rude: Interview By: Nasa Lamode Lex Rude is not your typical entreprenuer. When it comes to business, Lex doesn’t believe in ceilings, however does believe in those that believe in themselves. Hailing out of Trenton, NJ then later relocating to Atlanta, GA, but eventually settling in Des Moines, Lex has built a repertoireContinue reading “Lex Rude Is A Born Legend”

JandroBands Is Steppin’ Off The Porch

Follow JandroBands: Interview by: Nasa Lamode Kickin in the gate out of the ‘Quad City’ region, is JandroBands from Des Moines, IA. At just __ years old, Jandro developed an intricate catalogue of a variation of different styles of rap. At just 22 years old, Jandro had collaborated with an array of artists in andContinue reading “JandroBands Is Steppin’ Off The Porch”

🚨 Rising Radar: “24’s” – JandroBands

Follow JandroBands: Coming straight out of Des Moines, JandroBands represents the Midwest with “24’s” Ft. Rare Doozy. This classic Detroit style flow and beat reminds you something out the books of Payroll Giovanni, Rio Da Yung OG, or GMac Cash. A true testiment to the ‘Quad City‘ region is when the video opens up anContinue reading “🚨 Rising Radar: “24’s” – JandroBands”

🚨 Rising Radar: “Cosmic Luv” – Lui

Follow Lui: Hailing from Ankney, Iowa, Lui brings the brings the heat with “Cosmic Luv”, the ambient trap tune where he delivers an autotuned trippy flow over a beat that reminds you of something produced by Pierre Bourne. The uptempo bass gets the party lit, but the soft synths and reverbed relationship and life lyricsContinue reading “🚨 Rising Radar: “Cosmic Luv” – Lui”

🚨 Rising Radar: “Show Em How To Get Dine” – Casho

Follow Casho: It’s been four months since Casho dropped his most anticipated project yet “FWMIYC – Fuck With Me If You Can“. Never disappointing us with a cutting edge visual to ride with his latest hit single is one of Casho’s signature moves, so it came to no surprise that “Show Em How To GetContinue reading “🚨 Rising Radar: “Show Em How To Get Dine” – Casho”

Who is Cain?: Ace Mccain Breaks Down His Blueprint And Rebrand

Interview By Nasa Lamode Follow Ace Mccain: Hailing out of northside Houston’s infamous neighborhood and district, Greenspoint, also known to locals as ‘Gunspoint‘, rises Rapper, Entrepreneur and all of around jack of many trades, ‘Ace Mccain‘ or simply ‘Cain‘ as he now goes by. We were able to lock in and chop it up withContinue reading “Who is Cain?: Ace Mccain Breaks Down His Blueprint And Rebrand”

Philly Native YS Drew Is Smoking Sativa and Making Good Music

Interview By Nasa Lamode Follow YS Drew: Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love may be known for its rich culture, art and having the best cheesesteaks in the world, but it’s also known for hidden gems. One in particular that shines heavy is YS Drew. The north Philly native brings classic East Coast flava toContinue reading “Philly Native YS Drew Is Smoking Sativa and Making Good Music”

Come Get Trippy With AnonymousJones

Interview by: Nasa Lamode Follow AnonymousJones: Retro psychedelia meets modern hip-hop when you experience the dazy media that AnonymousJones spews. I say ‘experience’ for a reason, because that’s exactly what you get when you listen to his joints. The a classic 40oz and fresh rolled backwood are the perfect combination right before you plug inContinue reading “Come Get Trippy With AnonymousJones”

Los Angeles Rap Diva SKG Has “Unfinished Business”

Interview By: Nasa Lamode Follow SKG: Dynamic Los Angeles-based rapper + film producer Helecia Choyce, better known by her psuedonym- ‘SKG’, is sending waves in the world of rap. The promising artist just released her latest album, “Unfinished Business”, dedicating the cover art to her late brother “Trayveon Choyce” who introduced her to the artContinue reading “Los Angeles Rap Diva SKG Has “Unfinished Business””

🚨 Rising Radar: “Unfinished Business”

Review By: Nasa Lamode Today, I had the pleasure of reviewing the upcoming project of none other than the Helecia “SKG” Choyce. This project unwravels with a bold re-introduction of the Los Angeles based rap star, with the smooth late 90’s reminiscant, cadillac gangsta cruisin’- “Through My Eyes“, featuring Keith Robinson. In the next songsContinue reading “🚨 Rising Radar: “Unfinished Business””