JandroBands Is Steppin’ Off The Porch

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Interview by: Nasa Lamode

Kickin in the gate out of the ‘Quad City’ region, is JandroBands from Des Moines, IA. At just __ years old, Jandro developed an intricate catalogue of a variation of different styles of rap. At just 22 years old, Jandro had collaborated with an array of artists in and out of Des Moines including Dessy X, GoKoo, Drxculv. In 2022 alone Jandro managed to release an album, an ep, and about 4-5 singles. This type of work ethic proves success in many of the artists we know and love. I got the chance to tap in with Jandro to learn more about his background, his music and his drive. Check it out below.

Nasa: Yo, what’s going down Jandro? How everything on your end? 

JandroBands: Life’s Good. Everything’s going up by the day and I’m appreciative to be in the spot I’m in right now.

Nasa: Yeah man it’s good to have you. I’m really diggin that last record – “24’s”.

JandroBands: Thank you for that man. I appreciate it. That’s just what my team felt just was one of them ones.

Nasa: I enjoyed that review I did for that project. I got a chance to peep your catalogue and you got some pressure for sure.

JandroBands: Appreciate that. 

Nasa: No doubt. When we first spoke you told me you was from Des Moines. I really don’t know too much about it besides it being in the Midwest, Iowa of course.

JandroBands: Yeah, Everybody mistakes it as just being a farm state but don’t let the corn fool you.

Nasa: Crazy thing is, I wrote up a review for another cat out of Des Moines right before I faded your’s. His name is Lui and his music is pressure too. What’s it like out there? Because it seems that there’s definitely some talent coming out the city.

JandroBands: Yeah the mag actually put me on to him, he’s dope. And it’s so much talent out here, it’s crazy. Like you can find everything here, you want deep rap, we got it, you want turn up, we got that too you name it we got it. 

Nasa: We actually neighbors, I’m from Milwaukee, Wi, myself. Since we right next to Detroit, I actually grew up on that style of Hip-Hop that’s poppin all over right now. “24’s” definitely embodies that influence. Would you say that that style is heavy in Iowa as well?

JandroBands: Kinda, but not really. It’s newer for us- but the ones that’s doing it, do it well. Like Myself, KevKrouse and my dawg, MG Moeski.

Nasa: We still jam that out here in Milwaukee, but we also have our own style as well, which you can hear in artists like Munch Lauren, Lakeyah and a few others. Who are some artists that’s kinda heavy weight in Iowa right now?

JandroBands: Iowa Heavy Weights? Johnny Kash & Forest Ave, The UVT Camp, Gokoo and Colo Chanel, Money Mob.. And that’s just to name a few, but at the same time there’s so much talent if you looking for it you’ll find it.

Nasa: For any of your first time listeners, besides “24’s”, what’s some other songs that you would recommend? I gotta know which ones really are your favorites.

JandroBands:WTF“, “24’s” & “Shit Talkin” if you want that bar heavy, crazy sound. I just dropped “First Date” and that’s more R&B/Drill like if that’s what you’re into. And if you want that pain, tap in with songs like “Need A Healing“, “Venting Sessions Pt. 2” and “Some Nights“.

Nasa: So I gotta know this. You guys got the “Drake Bulldogs“, that’s lit. But since Iowa doesn’t really have any major pro league sports teams, who do you rock with? Basketball and Football.

JandroBands: Basketball – I’m Definitely a ‘Celtic’. Football? To be honest, I don’t really have a team. I grew up around ‘Steelers’ fans to be honest, so I’d have to say them.

Nasa: Ok. Well It’s ‘Packers’ Nation over here all day. And I will always be a ‘Bucks’ fan.

JandroBands: On bro. The Bucks been going crazy too. 

Nasa: Who all have you worked with?

JandroBands: Rare Doozy, MG Moeski, Dessy X, Dlo Tha Don and that’s just to name a few of my favorites.

Nasa: Who do you want to work with?

JandroBands: From Des Moines? I think I’ve either worked with everybody or we got something on the way. Anywhere else? Hit Michigan and grab Jugg Harden, KrispyLife Kidd, and AllStar JR or hit New York and get Say Drilly, E Wuu, or Dthang [free Dthang, free RPT] Also add Bando And Kenzo B in there too. 

Nasa: Check this out. I finally, for the first time, started watching Naruto from head to toe. This show go crazy. Have you ever seen it? What shows you on right now?

JandroBands: I mainly watch Dragon Ball or The Boondocks to be honest. Or I’ll watch Martin, Friday, or whatever I find on YouTube.

Nasa: I never really watched Dragon Ball, but i’ll check it out. Who you got on your playlists right now? I need to hear something new.

JandroBands: My playlist right now? BabySmoove, BabyTron, Lil Head 392, 24Lik, Lolo Savage, Lee Drilly, Skilla Baby, Imma and some more. 

Nasa: Aiite, I’ll peep them out. Is there any other knowledge you want to drop on us before you exit the building?

JandroBands: Work harder than you did yesterday. Your ceiling is as only as high as you make it. 

Nasa: Well I appreciate you steppin out and look forward to working with you again. 

JandroBands: Fasho, appreciate y’all for tappin in with me. “Salute Me Or Shoot Me” coming soon. 


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