DJ Dr. McDaniels – The Surgical Vibe Curator

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Dr. McDaniels isn’t your typical medical expert. He didnt recieve his doctorate nor PHD. However, the Houston native, Adrian McDaniels’ career popped off in ‘Texas Southern University’ when he would host college parties, spinning the right records that eventually would land him the position as Don Toliver’s official DJ. In an interview with ‘Voyage Houston’, McDaniels credits the tip off of his career to ‘DJ Done Deal‘, who left his turn tables and equiptment in his room while McDaniels was in high school. He was interested in learning more about how to use the equipment and requested one on one lessons from Done Deal.

Don Toliver and DJ Dr. McF

McDaniels mentioned in a few interviews that music wasnt his initial path though. His passion was originally in sports. He was a football player throughout highschool and by his freshman year in college he blew his knee, forcing him to re-navigate his path. His experience with mixing would soon become the art that put him on the map. He now travels worldwide with the breakthrough team that backs Houston’s buzzing artist, Don Toliver, in his events and shows. Although he wasn’t able to fulfill his initial dream of becoming an NFL allstar, fate took a mean detour putting him onto a path of success that he was built for.

Don Toliver and DJ Dr. McDaniels at Rolling Loud 2022

Dr. McDaniels isn’t just a DJ though. He’s also a music producer. In between doing tours and shows, McDaniels spends his time making beats. He also creates his own merch which is available to purchase on his website – Here you can also inquire on bookings, production quotes and much more. Make sure to check it out.

Check out this interview with DJ Dr. McDaniels on ‘HighThoughtsTV’:

Article By Nasa Lamode


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