It’s all about Lui: “200/500”

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Interview By: Nasa Lamode

Nasa: Lui, how you feeling bro. It’s great to finally have you here on Bad Habit.

Lui: I’m feeling pretty good gang. Love to be here.

Nasa: We did a review for your last release, “Cosmic Luv.” Since then, what you been up to? 

Lui: Shit, honestly I just been really in the stu. Doing a couple shows and just get ready for my mixtape 200/500.

Nasa: Yeah, it looks like you have a new single coming out called “328ix”. I got a chance to listen to it and it’s WILD. But how the HELL do you pronounce it?

Lui: Haha. It’s like “Three Twenty-Eight i – x”, just like the Beamer.

Nasa: That went right over my head. Haha. So, I really don’t like comparing nobody when they get up on here, out of respect. But I will tell you this, yout sound really blends in with Travis Scott or Don Toliver. Have you heard that before?

Lui: Nahh- honestly niggas be saying my shit sound like a perc. lmao but like at the same I can hear that thou. 

Nasa: Yeah, It’s real professional and the sound is current though. And I like how you have your own style incorporated with it.

Lui: Luv, I appreciate that.

Nasa: No doubt. These pictures that you sent me is of you performing. Have you been performing for a while or is this new to you?

Lui: Nah, I haven’t been performing for a while. It’s been something fairly new to me.

Nasa: Do you still get nervous?

Lui: Yeahhhh. Like in the beginning, I was for sure nervous as hell. But like as soon as that bass kicked in, it felt like that shit just left my body instantly.

Nasa: I haven’t performed in a long time, but I will always remember my first performance. I was the most nerve wrecking experience ever. I’m glad you was able to get past that.

Lui: Thanks.

Nasa: You have some great singles out right now. But we need to see some visuals yo. Do you have any videos in the works?

Lui: Yeah I have something crazy on the way
It definitely gonna be a movie.

Nasa: Ok, I’ll be on the lookout for that. Make sure to keep us posted.

Lui: Oh yeah for sure.

Nasa: How would you describe your music? Paint the picture for us.

Lui: I would say it’s really like a rollercoaster, but like mad colourful at the same time. The highs are super intense, but the lows are still a fun ride.

Nasa: Who you got on your playlist right now?

Lui: Haha- Lui, Cher, Homixide Gang, Len, Baby Tron, Burna Boy, Kendrick. Just a whole lot right now.

Nasa: I’ll make sure to check them out. Besides “328ix”, what else you got up your sleeve?

Lui: My mixtape “200/500”. It’s gonna be coming soon, but it’s gonna be crazy for real though.

Nasa: Man, I can’t wait to check all that out. Any other knowledge you wanna drop on us before you slide?

Lui: Luvvv to be here. There’s gonna be more music on the way. @luv.comlui.200500 exclusive.

Nasa: Thank you for droppin in Lui. It was great having you. We’ll have to get you back on here soon.

Make sure to check out Lui’s new joint “328ix”. Here’s the presave link:

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