Keeping Up With Kalagino

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Interview By: Nasa Lamode

27yo Texas artist, Kalagino, puts us on to his world. Multi-talented Kalagino, whose rooted in ‘Brenham‘, tipped off his career about 3 years before dropping his first mixtape “Backwoods Back Roads” preceding his first official EP, “Rocket Science”. Since then, Kalagino has delivered numberous singles which showcase his diverse rap styles and creativity. We able to pick his brain, check it out below:

Nasa: Kalagino! Good to have you here. How you feelin’?

Kalagino: Glad to be here. I’m doing pretty well, thanks for asking.

Nasa: No doubt. Is that your real name? If not, how did you get it? And how do you pronounce it? 

Kalagino: Yes, Kalagino is my real name. I usually just tell people Gino so they don’t butcher it.

Nasa: On your IG, it says that you’re also a camera man. Besides making music, what esle do you do?

Kalagino: I do photography on the side & Im still getting into the videography side more. 

Nasa: Damn, ok. That’s interesting. How do you keep up with all of that?

Kalagino: Currently I haven’t been having any shoots. It’s been me, more so, in front of the camera instead of behind. 

Nasa: You know, I just started back shooting myself. My homie sold me a ‘Cannon Rebel T6‘. I’m pretty geeked about that. Not sure where I’m headed but it should be fun. What camera you shoot with?

Kalagino: I actually shoot with the same exact camera. I’ve just been looking into some new lenses.

Nasa: I took a look at your catalogue and I noticed that you have only singles out. Do you plan on dropping any EP’s, Capsules or Albums at all?

Kalagino: I have an EP called “Rocket Science” from 2019. Next, will be the album that I’m currently working on. That’ll drop, most likely, in January.

Nasa: Yea, I pretty much released one EP myself and released nothing but singles for a few years, but recently combined all my loose singles into an EP. It really helped re introduce a few years worth of music to a new audience. Who would you say is your audience?

Kalagino: I’m still building an audience so I’m not sure who I bring it, I just know of my real fans. 

Nasa: Do you perform?

Kalagino: Yes, I’ve performed a couple times.

Nasa: Ah ok, are you performing anything now?

Kalagino: I actually have a couple shows coming up soon. 

Nasa: When I first started performing, I would get nervous a bit, but when I’m actually performing it all feels like a blur. That adrenaline a muthafucka. Do you like watching others perform?

Kalagino: Yes, I’ve been to a couple concerts, seen some of my favorite artists. 

Nasa: Who’s concert would you pay to see?

Kalagino: Forever ‘T-Pain‘ – one my favorite artists. ‘K Camp‘, ‘2 Chainz‘, ‘G Herbo‘. 

Nasa: Who should we be listening to right now?

Kalagino:Larry June‘, ‘Lil Jairmy‘, ‘Icewear Vezzo‘, ‘K Camp‘.

Nasa: ‘Larry June‘ really stamped in this new era fashoo. I didn’t know ‘K Camp’ was still making music. I’ll have to check out his new material. Tell me about your online clothing store. What platform do you use?

Kalagino: My online store is only on IG. I’m still building, but I sell vintage clothes currently, but i’ll start working on my own brand soon. I use ‘Offer-Up’ & looking to probably jump on ‘Depop’.

Nasa: Thats all interesting. What project should we be listening to from you?

Kalagino: Project coming soon, bout to drop a single along with video called “Westside Baby”.

Nasa: Ok I’ll make sure to check it out. What other knowledge you want to drop on us before you go?

Kalagino: Just everybody stay blessed & stay dangerous. Anybody who wants to reach out do music or collab with modeling can hit me up.

Nasa: Well it was an honor to have you in the building. Take care playa!

Kalagino: Thanks for having me. I’m honored bro appreciate it more than ever fam respect!

Nasa: Same to you! We’ll tap in again soon. Cant wait to see your growth.

Check out “Snitch [Kristina Cook]” by Kalagino:


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