Lex Rude Is A Born Legend

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Interview By: Nasa Lamode

Lex Rude is not your typical entreprenuer. When it comes to business, Lex doesn’t believe in ceilings, however does believe in those that believe in themselves. Hailing out of Trenton, NJ then later relocating to Atlanta, GA, but eventually settling in Des Moines, Lex has built a repertoire one can only grind for. It was my honor and pleasure to have sat down and had a stimulating conversation with the genius that developed the brand “Born Legendz Management” and A&R of ‘WolfClvb’. Heres what Lex had to say:

Nasa: Lex, its an honor to have you here. How you feeling?

Lex Rude: Pretty damn blessed. There’s so much going on in the world right now, but I’m just grateful that I’m here and fulfilling my purpose.

Nasa: So you got your hands in a lot. You’re an A&R and manager right? I been hearing these names get tossed around lately, especially with this digital revolution of music and the major wave of independent artistry that we’re currently experiencing. For those of us that skipped class and missed that lesson, can you explain to us exactly what it is that an artist manager and A&R does.

Lex Rude: To be honest, being a manager and A&R goes hand in hand. As an A&R my job is to make sure that I’m putting these artists on the front line to these mainstream labels, but at the same time, I’m still managing/mentoring these creatives by helping them build their portfolio and giving them the right guidance/structure they need to evolve in the industry.

Nasa: Ok, I get it. That an interesting career path. But how do you make money though? I know that with major labels, there’s usually an advance or a budget that’s used to pay the team, but working with independent artists, the capital usually isn’t just laying around. So from an independent artist standpoint, who pays you? When and how?

Lex Rude: In all honesty, it’s not about the money for me. But, I do tell each creative that I will believe in their dreams as much as they believe in it. Investment is key. What I’m asking for is reimbursement on the back end once we reach our goal. All I ask is that they give me 110% through it all, so we can ALL eat.

Nasa: Copy. Now the name of your brand is called “Born Legendz Management”. Besides music, what else do you manage? 

Lex Rude: “Born Legendz” is a group home. As crazy as it may sound, this brand is open to any and everyone with a dream; as long as they’re willing to put in the work. Currently, I’m working with some hairstylists in the ‘DSM’ & ‘ATL’ area, a couple up & coming promoters in ‘DSM’ and … to be continued. Can’t give you ALL the tea!- But just know, LEGENDZ TAKING OVER!

Nasa: I can dig it! How did you get your hands in all of that?

Lex Rude: Helping others is a passion of mine, so all I had to do was tap into the right sources and BOOM look at me now! 🤣 But seriously, in this game WHO you know takes you a LONG way.

Nasa: Where are you based?

Lex Rude: Des Moines, IA

Nasa: Is that where you’re from?

Lex Rude: Definitely NOT. 🤣 Originally I’m from Trenton, NJ but I carry NAWFATLANTA on my back.

Nasa: Who have you worked with?

Lex Rude: I’ve actually been working with some dope creatives! Of course my personal favorite is Lui, because brodie is just a GENIUS in the lab. But I’ve worked with TG Ike, Flaxko Valentino, MickDoobie, 100bandxan and still working with MORE, but like I said, can’t give you all the tea. ☕️ Just stay tuned for more content.

Nasa: Yeah I recently interviewed one of your artists, Lui. He’s dope.

Lex Rude: Amazing artist! Lui’s vibe is just that; a freaking VIBE. Dude just thinks so far ahead and knows his purpose and he EXECUTES EVERYTIME. So y’all make sure y’all go follow his IG – @luimid. NEW SINGLE DROPPING SOON!

Nasa: How do you choose who you work with? Is there any instances where you turn people down?

Lex Rude: Trust and believe I’ve had my trial and errors when it comes to this. I do my research and let these creatives ACTIONS speak. If it speaks loud enough, then they got my attention. This brand is all about working with individuals who are DEDICATED. So if I have to turn someone down, it’s because they lack that dedication and they expect things to be handed to them. 

Nasa: As a magazine editor and journalist, there are so many artists and jobs I’ve had to turn down to maintain my image. When it comes to artists or all different media, I have to make sure that they’re invested in their craft enough to provide me a good background and some solid photos. The image is extremely important to me, so I expect the same from those I work with. Would you say the same in what you do?

Lex Rude: Most definitely, I don’t believe in wasting time because tomorrow is not promised. So if you’re not giving YOUR craft 110% EVERYDAY, why should I?

Nasa: Agree. 100 percent. Now, how do you find artists and talent to work with? Like, what’s your networking regimen?

Lex Rude: I do A LOT of scouting at different showcases. I’m always tapped into what’s going on in the music scene around me. Not only that, I’m just a natural at observing individuals. I’m scouting everyday when I leave the house. Social Media is also key as well.

Nasa: Who else should we be listening to right now?

Lex Rude: K.Knickz is another creative who has been doing her thing for a min, out in Atlanta. And OF COURSE yall gotta go listen to my boy Cain! 🔥

Nasa: Definitely- Cain is a dope person and is also very dedicated. Any other knowledge you want to drop on us before you slide?


Nasa: It was real dope chopping it up with you. Take care.

Lex Rude: Same here my guy , this definitely won’t be the last time!

Nasa: Definitely not! Can’t wait to see the growth!

Check out this interview with Lex Rude on “BounceBackTv” –


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