Rising Radar: Who Is Suf Rasheed?

Article By Nasa Lamode

Follow Suf Rasheed:

You may have seen the face of fashion model and photographer, Sufyan Abdul-Rasheed, floating around twitter over the past few days due to a viral tweet declaring him the brother of Zoe Kravitz. Although he isn’t actually the the brother the reknowned actress at all, he is definitely on his way, paving his own way in the fashion industry. So if Sufyan, also known as Suf Rasheed, isn’t one of the Kravitz’s, then who is he?

We first noticed Suf after getting signed to popular Chigago based talent and modeling agency, “10 MGMT”, when the 23 year old model moved to the Windy City back in spring of 2022 from Knoxville, TN. Suf mentioned that he spent 8 years in Knoxville, TN, to be closer to his family but was originally born and raised in Cleveland, OH.

Suf was born March 8th, 2000 into Islam and was raised in a very full house of 25 siblings. [20 brothers and 5 sisters] He first started expressing his talent as a an artist and photographer creating works like this painting that would later be used as the cover art for the EP of his friend, KELLYULTRA.

He started building his portfolio in photogrpahy as well, but later realized he was just as good in front of the camera as he is behind. At that moment, he pusued modeling. Although he’s new in the industry, Suf has big goals of walking major runways, featuring in big campaigns and plans on releasing his photography look book. Stay on the radar for Suf.


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