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Interview By: Nasa Lamode

Welcome to the world of Nisha Tashaye. In this world, fashion is cutting edge and captivating, yet eco-friendly and respectful to our planet. In her world, the designs are timeless and pay homage our cultural roots. Nisha’s vision of creating a luxury fashion line that would soon impact the world in a positive light, was matched with her work ethic and burning passion. The ‘Nisha Tashaye’ line was born, remaining loyal to Nisha’s core vision of leading the way as a concious designer with a vision.

It was our great honor at to have worked with her and experience her creative manifestations. We honor her legacy and share with you these moments that she shared with us:

Nasa: Welcome to Bad Habit Magazine. It’s an honor to have you here, as you’re going to be opening our very first fashion show! What’s your full name?

Nisha: My name is Nisha Tashaye Simon.

Nasa: Does your brand have a name?

Nisha:Nisha Tashaye

Nasa: Easy enough. So tell me the backstory behind your brand. I really dig the designs.

The Logo For “Nisha Tashaye Brand”
The Royalty Reigns Coin Logo – Designed for the brand of Nisha and her Twin sister Efuru Korii

Nisha: ‘Nisha Tashaye’ is a “Luxury Lifestyle” brand that was born from the lifestyle changes made in my life in 2013. I made a decision to work on myself and within that, I found a connection to everything beautiful that nature had to do with supreme quality. I made changes that benefited me tremendously – mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. By working on me that opened the doors to seek, research and produce the best quality services and ethical products for my brand. I work with natural materials utilizing sustainable initiatives while offering many natural alternatives luxuriously that work with the body and the earth.

Nasa: Wow, I love that. It’s definitely time that we changed the way we look at fashion and making it make sense in terms of sustainability and being concious of our carbon footprint we leave in this world. It’s dope to work with someone who is aware and willing to take the extra mile to build their brand around this model. Tell me about your latest collection.

Nisha: My latest collection was “2022 Juneteenth”. I was inspired by ‘Royalty’ and the lifestyle of what it looked like aesthetically. From the interiors of the fortresses decor to the chandeliers and gold frames. The collection was produced from recycled hotel drapes; each look consisted of the same textile in different styles.

Nasa: That’s amazing. The fact that you were able to make something out of nothing is beyond me. I can’t wait to see it. Where you from?

Nisha: Houston, TX

Nasa: Houston is a great place to be right now. It seems like lots of celebrities are from Texas as of lately. There’s lots of industries making their way down “post pandemic” including the fashion industry. Are there any celebrities, either from or not from Houston, that you would want to work with?

Nisha: Beyonce, Kanye West, Solange, and Drake. The list can go on (as well as a few Brands and Organizations.)

Nasa: Who is your favorite designer in the industry?

Nisha: I love “Dolce & Gabbana” for their textile design and “Hardware”, “Milly” and “Chanel” for their classy looks.

Nasa: Chanel is also one of my favorites for the ladies. It’s timeless. After taking a look at your designs, I can say the same about your’s too. Where can we find your stuff?

Nisha: I’m currently working on my individual brand, “Nisha Tashaye”, however you can find my products and services online here –

Nasa: Great, I’ll be sure to plug that in. It was amazing having you here on Bad Habit Magazine. I cant wait to see your amazing designs at our show. Before you go, tell me, whats one of your biggest goals for your brand?

Nisha: To expand my brand internationally. To raise awareness through speaking to shape and impact billions of people positively, naturally and creativity, shifting mindsets that benefit the earth and the people.

Nasa: Beautifully said. Nothing to it but to do it!

An Expert From Nisha Tashaye’s twin sister, Efuru:

Queen Nisha Tashaye was a beautiful beam of light. Everywhere we went, she brought out the light in others as he dressed them up. However, she never believed in dimming her own light for anyone.
Queen Nisha Tashaye had a huge passion for fashion starting since a young girl. I remember dressing up our dolls together and even dressing each other. I am extremely fortunate to have her as an identical twin. A twin sister that I shared similar lives, hearts and desires with.

We had fun together. Growing up, our mother and aunties around us were always so stylish.
We would watch them get dressed for Galas, Balls, Trips and Outings, but after they would leave the house, Nisha and I would sneak into their closets and play in their apparel, jewelry & shoes.
Imagine our dolls. They were the flyest. Our friends were our muses; we naturally would always adorn them with the right pieces they needed to bring out the flair in their attire.
Today our clients are our models our life sized dolls.
Nisha and I would style one another and if I didn’t want to wear what I put together, Nisha would say, “…take it off, I’ll wear it then”.
That statement would assure that it was approved by the fashion Queen herself.
You would never find Nisha’s style out of order. She would never leave the house without being well put together.

We get that from our Grandma. Watching Grandma Joyce- she always had her hair done and her clothes were freshly neat and clean. Growing up with Grandma Joyce, she was always putting us on the spot making us get up and dance, sing and entertain her and her friends. In support grandma would join us as we danced and sang together.
One thing Queen Nisha and I loved to do is go on excursions. [We would call it]
We would find places to dance, sing, uplift and entertain. Our mothers lineage is where the creativity, style, fashion, music and dance legacy stems from.
Queen Nisha Tashaye was my dream catcher, my muse, my business partner, personal stylist and Health & Wellness Chef.


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