Who is Cain?: Ace Mccain Breaks Down His Blueprint And Rebrand

Interview By Nasa Lamode

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Hailing out of northside Houston’s infamous neighborhood and district, Greenspoint, also known to locals as ‘Gunspoint‘, rises Rapper, Entrepreneur and all of around jack of many trades, ‘Ace Mccain‘ or simply ‘Cain‘ as he now goes by. We were able to lock in and chop it up with him. Cain talks about his delevopment as an artist and business man, as well as his rebrand and upcoming projects. Here’s what he had to say:

Nasa: We got Ace McCain in the building! How are you homie?

Cain: I’m blessed. 777. I appreciate the world just embracing “Big Cain”, “Ace Mccain“, “Cain”, or “Blur” – However you know me, the pleasures all ours.

Nasa: Ok, so let’s jump right in it. What exactly do you do? I been reading up on you and it seem like you got your hands in a lot of things.

Cain: Honesty, I’m a creative artist before anything which provided me opportunities to take my talents beyond music. I was a curator A&R for some of the hottest upcoming and already established labels to the best radio personality and hosts for over 2 years on “Dash Radio”, sponsored by the NBA, WNBA, NFL and more. I would also do work behind the scenes, developing some the most promising talents from the underground to indie to possibly mainstream.

Nasa: Wow, so a jack of a trades for real. How do you balance all of that? 

Cain: You must have a very balanced schedule and a lot people around you that love you for you and not what you can do.

Nasa: That’s crazy. You know I’m an artist myself. But I started this magazine and another business recently, and let me tell you – I’m burnt the fuck out! Time management is so serious.

Cain: I actually had my own magazine as well. My fans and supporters know it was called “Huemagazine.” I had the website placements and all. We had to stop from burning ourselves out but it goes back to what I preached earlier. After having setbacks over due dates, staff to pay and deadlines to meet, it’ll turn anybody sleepless. So the best thing to do is find what works for you. To do all the things you love and value.

Nasa: Agreed. Let’s talk about your rebrand. I read somewhere that you were revamping your shit. 

Cain: Definitely. This going from “Ace Mccain” to “Cain” – stage is life. I’m starting completely fresh. I established alot under that name, but I needed a new start. We doing alot of new things with a brand new meaning.

Nasa: No, most def. I actually just rebranded myself too. For me it just feels good to deliver new flava. Something fresh and new. What are some new things you bringing?

Cain: Everything you knew as ‘Cain’ is a new ‘Cain’. You never know what to expect, but definitely good music.

Peso Peso and Ace Mccain 2021

Nasa: Let’s talk about your latest drop.

Cain: My single, “Somebody Had To Do It“, been going crazy in the club and different shows that I been performing at. Everybody waiting on the visual with ‘Royal‘. It’s worth the wait. I’ma drop the teaser soon.

Nasa: Oh word? It seems like you got a buzz on SoundCloud too. How did you develop that?

Cain: Over the years, building consistency with my work and my organic fanbase. My logic is, my 5 is more powerful than your 500. My people are going to support more than yours. Also, reaching out to the people.

Nasa: I watched this interview you did with “JVaz” – How did you land that?

Cain: Honestly, just reaching out. Being myself. Usually everybody say, “Let the press find you.” but I felt that everything we been doing, without a deal and before we were ever presented an agreement, needed to start being documented more. That’s the reason I started my documentary last year, with my dawg ‘Ayo‘, to show literally everything we been doing till this point. Just work and not letting nothing else speak for us.

Nasa: I read in one of your articles that you was involved in Dash Radio. What’s that?

Cain: It’s an LA based radio creative hub for hundreds of creatives across the globe to display their upcoming acts of talents for the masses. Can’t beat it.

Nasa: That’s dope. Is that still jumpin?

Cain: Honestly, Dash Radio always going, but I had bigger plans. I’m always open to other radio gigs or situations though.

Nasa: Are you from Houston originally?

Cain: Definitely, I am. Greenspoint. This is my home.

Nasa: Whew! It’s rough out there. Glad to see some positive light coming out of Greenspoint. I’m glad to see all you do. Big shout out to you.

Cain: Definitely, Gunspoint not for the weak. Survival of the fittest, but 1700′ made me what I am today.

Nasa: No, without a doubt. Anything else you wanna let your people know before we wrap it up?

Cain: Go follow me on all platforms and check in on what we got coming for the rest of the year ill surprise you 

Nasa: Well it was dope having you here. I’m excited to see everything you got in the works come to the forefront. We definitely gotta tap in again!


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