Crazy Random Cool: A Podcast About The Misadventures of Adulting

Interview By: Nasa Lamode

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Adulting isn’t an easy transition. From sex and relationships to jobs and finances, all in the midst of finding yourself. Toni (aka the ‘Random Queen’) features a guest for 30mins on her podcasts where they open up about their personal, totally random, experiences and journeys.

You can find ‘CrazyRandomCool‘ on most platforms including iHeartRadio, Pandora, Apple, Spotify, Amazon and more. Tune in every Friday for a new episode.

We were able to lock in with Toni to hear more about this dope ass podcast, how it started, and where it’s going. Here’s what she had to say:

Nasa: Toni, the random queen. It’s an honor to have you here. How you doing?

Toni: Thank you. I’m doing well and feeling blessed. Thanks for having me. 

Nasa: Thats good to hear, and no doubt! So tell me this, which episode is the most random? Like, which is the one I GOTTA tune into right now?

Toni: If you would’ve asked me this a few weeks ago, I would’ve said the “Random First Date Questions” episode from 2020. But the “BreakUp Chronicles” episode might be my new favorite. I felt that one differently than some of the other episodes so yeah. 

Nasa: So how did this whole thing jump off? Like what made you say “Fuck it, I’m gonna start a podcast?

Toni: I started my podcast at the height of the pandemic. I think I just needed something to focus on and an outlet to voice my feelings. It kept me upbeat and connected. I guess I hoped that it would do that for others as well.

Nasa: That dope. For me, keeping the readers interested is mad important. For you, it’s keeping the listeners tuned in. How do you do it?

Toni: I work really hard to make my topics engaging and funny. I poll my listeners and work my social media.

Nasa: Yeah, that’s definitely important. You ever plan on getting behind the camera with the show?

Toni: Yes. That is the plan for 2022. It was the plan in 2021, but the pandemic lingered longer than I expected. Now, I’m rebranding and changing it up, so video is the next move.

Nasa: I be watching “No Jumper” and “The Breakfast Club” whenever they feature somebody interesting or trending. I love being able to see their real time expressions and reactions.

Toni: Agreed. I have episodes where we get silly and I definitely wish people could see what is happening in my studio. 

Nasa: So I’m listening to the “Random Dating Turn Offs” episode. Your personality was definitely made for podcasts. You heard that before?

Toni: I always hear that I have the voice for it.

Nasa: No, those are facts. In this episode, you mentioned that you’re indecisive and you can’t be with a man that’s also indecisive. Tell me more about that.

Toni: I guess I shouldn’t have said indecisive. I am just super mellow. I can eat anywhere or do anything. I just go with the flow.

Nasa: Yeah, you’re definitely in the mix though because as I was doing some digging I found out that you are also a photographer AND a travel reviewer? Is that right? Tell me about the LoveToni website.

Toni: I used to be a celebrity photographer. I would cover award shows and the various Fashion weeks. I just got used to traveling and it’s how I keep my creativity going. I built the ‘Love Toni‘ website to let everyone know that I plan to continue capturing the world with my camera lens.

Nasa: Wow, when is your birthday? Is you a Pisces? Because they can’t sit down for shit.

Toni: No. I am actually a Libra we are all over the place too.

Nasa: Ah. Makes sense. I know alot of Libras and yes, they all have 10 side hustles and you got a lot on your plate from what I see. What’s next for Toni and the ‘CrazyRandomCool‘ Podcast.

Toni: I want to take my podcast to the next level; new and exciting guests, video and whatever is waiting for me on that next level. 

Nasa: Can I make my appearance on the show?

Toni: Hell Yeah! Come on. You are welcome anytime!

Nasa: Ayee! I’m excited for that. We’ll talk off-line! Any other knowledge you want to drop on your listeners before your clock out?

Toni: I would just say live in your truth and be good to one another. Oh and listen to the ‘Crazy Random Cool‘ podcast. 

Nasa: Well thank you so much for joining us today and I can’t wait to plug in with you! Take care.

Preview the “Crazy Random Cool” Podcast Here:

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