Black Women in Tech: I Quit My Job As A School Teacher To Pursue Cyber Security

Interview By Nasa Lamode

Follow Cass Hervey:

In 2021, teachers in Texas made an average annual salary of about 54k, according to For a single person, that might work out. But with the quickly rising cost of living, anyone with a family may not be able to say the same.

The post pandemic world is gearing heavy towards a tech revolution. Some hate it, others love it, but one things forsure, technology ain’t going nowhere. As business and technology advances, so do the efforts of online criminals, hackers and malware. That means that the demand for cyber security is at an all time high, with positions that have a starting pay at around 70k per year.

I got the chance to talk with Cass Hervey, a former middle school teacher who recenty changed career paths into Cyber Security. Although I know a few people in this field, I never knew exactly what it was and how it worked. Cass breaks it all down for me in this interview.

Casssandra was also the grand prize winner of our “Total Content Package” at our ‘Private Brunch Launch Party’ including a shoot with Creative Director, Serenity Hill and Photographer, Senub M Rah of Rah Shots. She also lets me know how that went down here…

Nasa: Yo Cass! It’s a pleasure to have you. How you feeling?

Cassandra: I feel great! Thank you for the opportunity to work with you all I am extremely excited about the photoshoot!

Nasa: So you’re the winner of our ‘Total Content Package’, sponsored by ‘LNQ’ and you won this at the ‘Members Only’ Launch Party in Houston, TX. How does that feel?

Cassandra: I am extremely excited to win. Before I won, I was just telling my friend that I don’t ever win things like this. Haha

Nasa: I’m glad you won! Your ‘Reel’ from the behind the scenes footage of your photoshoot is on our IG page right now and it’s doing major numbers. I wasn’t able to make it to the shoot, unfortunately, but tell me how it went.

Cassandra: I was definitely nervous. But it was fun, the shoot taught me a lot forsure!

Nasa: That’s dope. We had spoke at the party and at the time you were a school teacher. What grade were you teaching again?

Cassandra: I teach first grade.

Nasa: Coudn’t be me, but that’s dope though! You also told me you were transitioning into a new career field. Are you still teaching right now?

Cassandra: Yes, I am. This will be my last year. I am hoping to transition into my new field soon.

Nasa: That’s a big shift. Obviously teaching was once a passion right? What made you fall out of love with that career path?

Cassandra: Basically over worked and underpaid. As a teacher, we donate so much of our time and it often goes unappreciated.

Nasa: Yea, it’s known that there’s a major teacher shortage in the states. What are some other things you think contribute to that?

Cassandra: Having to do so much on your own time, and a teacher has so many roles. It gets tiring after a while.

Nasa: How did you land in the tech world of cybersecurity?

Cassandra: I have a friend who works for Cisco in Dallas, he introduced me to the field!

Nasa: What do you plan to accomplish?

Cassandra: I plan on being proficient in ‘Cloud‘! I like working with AWS products and learning about them.

Nasa: What’s the process in getting into this field? Pretty sure I got a few readers that would be interested in it.

Cassandra: There’s really no right or wrong way to get into cybersecurity! I would start researching, purchase classes on ‘Udemy‘ and ‘Whiz Labs‘ and go from there!

Nasa: Sounds a little tedious but I’m sure it’ll pay off. You ever feel bad about leaving the teacher life behind?

Cassandra: Yes and no. I did at first because I love my students but I had to realize that at the end of the day, you have to do what’s best for you and what makes you happy. I realized that I wasn’t happy AT ALL and now I’m taking the action to do other things!

Nasa: I don’t blame youh. It seems like our country prioritizes things a little differently, but it is what it is. You gotta get that bag. Are you from Houston originally?

Cassandra: Dallas. 😉

Nasa: Word? That’s lit. What do you do in your free time?

Cassandra: Right now, I study. But I like to try new food places in the city during the week sometimes. I love trying new wines as well!

Nasa: What’s your hidden talent?

Cassandra: I can bounce my nose like a rabbit. Haha

Nasa: Oh word? Thats funny, but interesting. Who you listening to right now?

Cassandra: Raveena and FKJ.

Nasa: Never heard of FKJ. Anything else you want to tell people interested in the tech field?

Cassandra: Try to get as many certs as you can and reach out to your tech friends and family! Update your LinkedIn and find a good mentor!

Nasa: Thank you for pulling up. Can’t wait to see your growth.

Cassandra: Thank you so much. 🥰 It was nice meeting you and working with your team.


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