Come Get Trippy With AnonymousJones

Interview by: Nasa Lamode

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Retro psychedelia meets modern hip-hop when you experience the dazy media that AnonymousJones spews. I say ‘experience’ for a reason, because that’s exactly what you get when you listen to his joints. The a classic 40oz and fresh rolled backwood are the perfect combination right before you plug in one any of the videos for his art. Jones is known for his incognito and we couldn’t find much info about him online. So we reached out to him. Here’s what he had to say:

Nasa: Whats good homie? Pleased to have you.

AnonymousJones: Yeah me too man. I’m glad we got a chance to catch up and I appreciate you for locking in with me and jamming. That’s mad love.

Nasa: I got one of your joints plugged In as we speak. “Excerpt 212” – This is nuts.

AnonymousJones: Aye, I appreciate that man. That song actually happened by mistake man. Los (my brother/producer) and I were just chopping though samples one day with the idea to make some R&B loops or something with that groove and came across this crazy-jazzy break, which is completely the opposite of that. Next thing ya know, 30 mins into mixing the track and I’m in the back piecing together that verse. But definitely, it was fun to just rap on like that.

Nasa: Check it out, so I’m firing up this wood and Im tuning into your music videos. Did not expect the experience I got. Shit is TRIPPY! Tripped out and a vibe. The transitions outta this world.

AnonymousJones: Ahaha surprisingly you’re not the first person to say that. That was brought to you by good weed, good barbacoa tacos, and very long nights. My favorite transitions were on “HNYDEW“. Those friends clips legit make everything connect, but honestly I had taken a step back from making those edits; it just became so time consuming.

Nasa: Some joints is like 2 songs in one. What’s your writing and recording process?

AnonymousJones: It’s definitely a process for me, personally. Not too chaotic. I’m definitely the type of artist who could in one day knock out 7-8 song concepts to then being dry on creativity for a week. But if I made the beat, more than likely I’m knocking out the verse at the same time. As of late I’ve been living a “don’t overthink – just do” type motto and it’s been working out.

Nasa: Where do you record at?

AnonymousJones: I record mainly at home with my good producer and friend Los, or I’m at ‘LatinTouch Studios‘ ran by Jon Guevara. He’s an “Alief” native that has been holding it down for the community for a second. It’s a vibe he sets over there and is just good people. I’ve also recorded up at Barron Studios a couple of times.

Nasa: Aw that’s dope! I actually live in Alief right now! I might have to come holla at yall. Barron is my spot too. Where would you say that you’re at in your career right now?

AnonymousJones: Definitely at the beginning stages of building my core fan base. I had did a few things when I was younger, but I feel I was a newborn to the game; just playing with it. I’m definitely now at a point in my life where I’m putting all I got into everything I do musically.

Nasa: Got any projects dropping?

AnonymousJones: Yeah actually. I’m finally working on my debut project. It’s going to be called, ‘Just a Bigword in a BigWorld’. That’s gonna be fun and there’s a few other things I’m featured on that will be dropping set early this year.

Nasa: In 2021, you dropped 9 singles. Tell me about that.

AnonymousJones: Well I was traveling a lot even though we were in full pandemic mode. Being in new environments, experiencing different cities, all while getting money was just giving me this bug to write and write. Those 9 songs were just things I decided to drop out of a batch I made because they didn’t fit in to “BIgWorlds” vibes. So I was like why not putt’em out instead of scrapping them? No Guidance and 4am were definitely just my personal favs though.

Nasa: You use Apple Music or Spotify?

AnonymousJones: I’m a definitely a Spotify guy, but apple is OG ya’know? I’ll use them if they give me a free month haha!

Nasa: I’m starting to like Spotify the more I mess with it. I actually just started a playlist line-up for this magazine now. I just added you to a few playlist. Check them out.

AnonymousJones: Most definitely man. I was gonna say Spotify’s playlist are definitely the reason I made the switch. I’ma have to go check that out man, much luv.

Nasa: What streaming platforms you using right now? Everybody keeps telling me that Amazon Prime and HBO Max where its at.

AnonymousJones: HBO is definitely where it’s at just for ‘The Sopranos’, but I stay finding random good joints on Netflix.

Nasa: What’s poppin right now? I like comedy and action.

AnonymousJones: Last good thing I seen was ‘Old Boy’. It’s a Spike Lee film but it’s nothing like his other joints; you should peep it.

Nasa: You a rockets fan?

AnonymousJones: I’m not even gonna front with you man, I have not paid that much attention to the new team. I’ma Rockets fan at heart though, but definitely miss the Cutino-Mobley-Francis days.

Nasa: I’m a Bucks fan. If we make it to the finals, I’ll go home again.

AnonymousJones: Man I feel like people slept on the Bucks so hard. They really shocked everyone when they won that championship. They a good team no doubt.

Nasa: I was there the whole way! I even went to the parad. It was wild. What’s next for you?

AnonymousJones: Making more money, and working on making classic music. Continuing to focus on good health, my fam, the team, and upping the level in my career. This year is definitely the year I put my stamp on things, just peep.

Nasa: Na, I’m def tuned in. Man look, it was dope being able to politic with you. We’ll tap in again!

AnonymousJones: Ah man it was a pleasure chopping game with you. Salute to you for holding it down in your grind, and putting on for artists and the city. Big ups for that, be easy my g.


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