Los Angeles Rap Diva SKG Has “Unfinished Business”

Interview By: Nasa Lamode

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Dynamic Los Angeles-based rapper + film producer Helecia Choyce, better known by her psuedonym- ‘SKG’, is sending waves in the world of rap.

The promising artist just released her latest album, “Unfinished Business”, dedicating the cover art to her late brother “Trayveon Choyce” who introduced her to the art of music as a child.

This project consists of 16 tracks including features from the one and only Boosie BadAzz, Houston’s very own Paul Wall, the legendary Juvenile, Mistah F.A.B, + Beenie Man – just to name a few.

We were lucky enough to tap in with SKG to chop it up about her fresh drop. Here’s what she had to say:

NASA: SKG. It’s an honor to have you here. How are you?

SKG: I’m good and thank you so much for taking time out to interview me.

NASA: No doubt! Let’s jump right in it – “Unfinished Business“. This project is crazy. I listened to pretty much all the songs, but I’m gonna have to go through it a few more times. You got so many major features on there it’s crazy. Tell me about that.

SKG: So the title “Unfinished Business” comes from the work ethic I put in within the industry. I was always featured on other people’s albums or I would release mixtapes, but I never released an album of my own. This is a project I worked on through the pandemic. I traveled across the US getting features and closing business deals to make a great body of work and I’m very proud of what I was able to accomplish.

NASA: Thats impressive. What’s your favorite joint of this project right now?

SKG: It’s so many I really can’t pick. I really like all the songs on my album.

NASA: So I see you have your late brother on the cover of this album. Y’all must have been close. When did he pass?

SKG: Yes that was my only sibling and we was very close. He passed in 2018.

NASA: I know that must have been real tough on you and your family. But, also, I know he’s looking down + proud of you and your accomplishments.

SKG: It was a very hard time and it still is very hard to cope with, but I’m sure he is very proud of what I accomplished and what he started for me.

NASA: So, you from Los Angeles originally?

SKG: Yes I’m originally from LA.

NASA: Copy. How was it growing up there?

SKG: You know it’s the “West Coast” culture. It was pretty cool growing up in LA. A lot of memories; some good, some bad, but overall a cool experience.

NASA: Who you got on your playlist right now?

SKG: Myself, Drake, 42 Dugg

NASA: Now, tell me about the film situation. I read in another article that you were a producer. I wanna know about that.

SKG: Yes, I am a film producer and I have a few projects coming out this year on several platforms. It’s my second passion next to music!

NASA: Yo word? You’ll have to keep us tapped in! So then how did you end up in music?

SKG: I grew up in the music industry as a child.

NASA: That must have been lit. It sounds like you got plenty on your plate. How you find time to yourself?

SKG: I like to ‘self respect’. I focus on living a positive and productive lifestyle. I always focus on having balance in my life.

NASA: What are some tips you have for your fans that are also artists. Like, as far as marketing and getting their name out there. Also time management and balancing their career and personal life.

SKG: At the end of the day this industry is 90% Business and 10% talent. Stay in control of your career and research and educate yourself on the business.

NASA: Well thank you for dropping in. It was a pleasure having you and I can’t wait see you get your shine on. We gone have to do this again!

SKG: Thank You for having me!

Preview SKG’s Album “Unfinished Business”



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