Philly Native YS Drew Is Smoking Sativa and Making Good Music

Interview By Nasa Lamode

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Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love may be known for its rich culture, art and having the best cheesesteaks in the world, but it’s also known for hidden gems. One in particular that shines heavy is YS Drew. The north Philly native brings classic East Coast flava to the new generation. We tapped in with Drew to hear what he had to say about his new drop:

Nasa: YS Drew, what’s the word homie?

YS Drew: I’m good bro. Just grinding. I appreciate you interviewing me.

Nasa: No doubt. I was listening to your drop – “Think About You” – It’s dope. I hear a little ‘East Coast’ flava up in there. Is that where you from?

YS Drew: Thanks, I appreciate it. That’s light compared to this last drop. But I’m from Philadelphia; Germantown section.

Nasa: I’m gonna have to go listen to it. I never been to Philly yet. What’s some places I need to check out when I pull up?

YS Drew: Aww man it’s cool out here forreal. Just gotta be on point, but ‘South St‘ be lit almost everyday. Some of the clubs be lit, but besides that, we got good museums.

Nasa: What about food?

YS Drew: We got lots of food places all over the city, but my personal favorite is “Tastie’s”; it’s a soul food place. But if you looking for a Philly Cheesesteak you gotta got to “Dalessandro’s” or “Max’s”.

Nasa: I guess it’s no better place to try Cheesesteak than Philly huh? Where do you pull your inspiration from?

YS Drew: I pull my inspiration from alot of artists, but mostly G Herbo and Meek Mill. I been listening Herb since 2011 and Meek the reason I even started rapping.

Nasa: Yeah, Herb a staple in the midwest’s new genertation fasho. And Meek definitely helped pave the way for other artists in his bracket. Any other hot artists from Philly I should be looking out for?

YS Drew: Yea, it’s alot I rock with. Reekiano, Dopeman Xantana, GSB Kev, GSB Tig, Scoremore8, Fraizer St Pablo and John Marley.

Nasa: Aw, my we did an interview with John Marley! My homie Toreon Scott did that one. I’ll have to check the others out. You ever collaborated with any of them?

YS Drew: Definitely, they all hot, but I collaborated with Reekiano , GSB Kev and Scoremore. They all on my last year project, but the rest of them, we just haven’t been able to lock in yet. But those collabs coming soon.

Nasa: Are you talking about “Illustrated Deluxe”? Tell me more about that project. How did that come about?

YS Drew: Yes. I dropped the “Deluxe” version in November 2020. I kinda went on a hiatus for a lil, but everybody was rocking with the regular “Illustrated” so I thought I’d put a “Deluxe” out. I like to change it up and try different styles cause I don’t wanna put myself in that box as just a rapper. I consider myself an artist. So thats where the “Illustrated” name came from. All the features on there are people I know personally and have a good relationship with. Eventually, I’m going start branching out to others in the city, but the way the city is set up it’s makes it hard.

Nasa: Why you say that?

YS Drew: Everybody here wants to rap. That comes with alot of competition and sometimes some of them can be big headed or feel like they better than someone else because they have lil bit more buzz.

Nasa: Yeah, being a successful music artist definitely come with being psychologically solid and self secure. I often hear folks say “My only competition is me.” That’s a good affirmation to live by. What’s some other hurdles?

YS Drew: Forsure, that’s how I move for real, but some of the other hurdles would probably be me doing this all by myself. I dont got nobody backing me or nothing. It’s all from the muscle, which feels good when I see my growth, but it can get discouraging sometimes. I just keep grinding.

Nasa: When you start to feel discouraged, what do you do to keep going?

YS Drew: Usually I’ll roll up. That always helps me bounce back when I start feeling discouraged. Weed has got me thtough a lot. That’s why I came up with YS.

Nasa: Young Stoner?

YS Drew: Yes

Nasa: Ever been to any weedfests? Like the Cannabowl. And do you prefer Indica or Sativa?

YS Drew: Nah, not yet. I wanted to go to one but Covid hit, so I never went. But I prefer Sativa. I like being up.

Nasa: Not me, I’m an Indica man myself. I need that body high. Tell me about your latest project “217”.

YS Drew: “217” was a lil something for my fans. I haven’t dropped any projects in a year. I took a step back from music for a lil bit, so I wanted to give a sneak peek of what’s to come this year.

Nasa: What should we be on the look out for?

YS Drew: Definitely be on the lookout for my mixtape, “No Feelings“, dropping in the spring. I also have couple collaborations and visuals coming too.

Nasa: That’s good to hear man! Can’t wait to see what you bring us. I appreciate you choppin it up with me. Any other knowledge you wanna drop on us before you slide?

YS Drew: No problem, I appreciate you for interviewing me I definitely support the brand . Definitely check out my new video i just dropped other than that I think that’s it.


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