Homina: Pablo Allah Talks Football, Kicks and Jumping Out of His Hiadus

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Photo Credit: Nasa Lamode 2020

BH: Pablo, how’s everything on your end playa?

PABLO: Everything good. Getting back to the craft, tryna make sure everything is right this time around.

BH: I can digg it. I see you just dropped the video for “Papi Pablo”, but the song been out for a while right?

PABLO: Yeah, I took a break from dropping content cause I didn’t like how things were going. I got new stuff ready, just wanna give visuals out for the older ones. It’s funny cause people still ask me about those songs til this day.

BH: I saw that ring yall won all over IG. What league is that?

PABLO: ‘Big South Football League’. We back to back champs and headed to the national championship at the end of the month. That’s another reason I took a lil break.

BH: Yeah, you seem to be dedicated and it pays, but how does it feel getting back in the booth? About how long has it been?

PABLO: I’ve still been in the booth. I just haven’t been performing as much as I used to or doing much ground work, but it’s been a year and a half since ‘Homina’ dropped. I dropped “Frauds“, a single from my next project, a few months ago.

BH: I’ll have to check that out. Who’s on your playlist right now?

PABLO: Tyler the Creator, J. Cole, Drake, Lil Wayne, I don’t really listen to the new guys, but if they have a cool song, I’ll jam it. But these guys, including Yeezy, I can jam all of they music. Nothing against the new artists, I just don’t relate, but some of they songs do go hard.

BH: This the third interview I did in a row where Cole was on the line up. What it is about that guy?

PABLO: I relate to all of his music and dude is crazy talented. I don’t see how people don’t like his music or what he stand for as a person.

BH: Yeah, integrity is important. When you a music artist, especially. It’s crazy when people feel like they gotta change up out of character right?

PABLO: Yeah, I never understood that. The point of music is for it to come from your point of view. To get the people to see from your perspective. That’s another reason I stopped last year. I wasn’t willing to do certain things or deal with certain people just to get on.

Photo Credit: Nasa Lamode 2020

BH: Which Retro Jordan is your favorite?

PABLO: 11 – hands down. But the 1s been creeping on me lately, but it’s something about the 11s. They the best shoe ever period.

BH: Yeah, I def copped the Lengend Blue Lows when they dropped. Seems like you can’t really get kicks in the stores anymore. Where do you be catching your drops from?

PABLO: I be on a lot of shoe apps like crazy. I’m super into shoes, but I don’t buy them like that anymore though. I just like the stories behind them, but shoe stores are trash now. You can’t find any good retros it’s mostly trainers and bs. But for some reason the kids shoes be live. And I’m not paying reseller prices either. Lol

BH: Reseller prices definitely be ridiculous. Almost feels like a scam. You been watching the finals?

PABLO: Yeah and I know you might hate this, but ‘CP3‘ is that dude. He’s not losing this one.

BH: Haha, we’ll just have to see about that. I won’t hold you though, CP3 def stamped his name. So what’s next for Pablo? What’s your end goal looking like?

PABLO: I’m droppin another tape soon, around thanksgiving or Xmas. But my end goal is to be able to take care of the fam – off my music and reach as many people as I can in a positive way. Just wanna be able to give back whichever way.


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