History Made: Giannis Leads The Milwaukee Bucks To A Crazy Victory Against The Suns In Game 6.

Witten By: Nasa Lamode

Downtown Milwaukee’s Fiserv Forum + Deer District

68 thousand fans came together in the Deer District and Fiserv Forum arena, in Milwaukee Wisconsin last night, to watch what would not only become NBA Finals History, but also the first championship won for Milwaukee in 50 years! Shit, this is the first time I’ve seen it. Giannis Antetokounmpo lead the Bucks to a NBA Finals victory scoring a wild 50 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 blocks, putting him in the top 7 players to do so, right next to Bob Petit – right above Allen Iverson and direclty below Lebron James, Jerry West, Rick Barry, Michael Jordan, and Elgin Baylor. The only difference is, this mans career is JUST getting started!

Bucks win NBA Finals Championship Title 2021

The Phoenix Suns lead the series with a 2-0 lead, with speculation that Giannis may have injured his knee in game 4 vs the Altanta Hawks. It turned out to be non structural damage, so although he sat out for game 4-5, Milwaukee was still able to recover that lead by game 5 with Brook Lopez scoring 30 points, Khris Middleton with 26, Jrue Holiday with 25, and Bobby Portis with 22. This tells us that the overall chemistry of the team has taken a complete 180 from what we’ve always known and putting them in a postion to take home the Eastern Conference Championship with Giannis returning for game 5 ultimately winning that victory – the first time since 1974.

Bucks win the Eastern Conference Championship Title Vs. the Atlanta Hawks in game 6

Similar to the Alanta series, Bucks trailed the Suns with 0-2, meaning they had to win 4 games in a row to bring home the trophy. I heard so many doubters, EVEN here in Milwaukee where I’m at right now. This doubt only seems to drive the Bucks even harder, makes them stronger, as they went ahead and executed a 4 game streak, and took the first title home since 1971! GOOD FUCKIN JOB BUCKS!

Khris Middleton holds NBA Finals Championship Trophy 2021

Bucks completed the series in game six scoring a total of 105-98. Giannis putting up 50 points, Middleton putting up 17, Jrue Holiday with 12 (11 assists and 9 rebounds), Bobby Portis with 16, and Lopez with 10.


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