5 Techniques To Help You Lace Up Your Online Presence (SEO) as a Music Artist.

Written By: Nasa Lamode

How many times have you discovered a brand new artist? Chances are, after you heard that new song that grabbed your attention, you hopped on google to see what the artist was about. Its important for any developing artist to have their search engine optimization (SEO) together. This simply means that anytime a fan searches your name in Google, they can easily find your music, music videos, interviews, articles, etc. It’s also very important for talent scouts and the general growth of your career.

So here’s the 5 Techniques That Improve Your Online Presence as a Music Artist:

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA – make sure that you have all major social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok) Have the bio filled out completely. Make sure that your name is the same across all plarforms. You don’t have to post all the time, but definetely network, engage and be consistant.

2. MICROBLOGGING SITES – Tumblr and Pinterest are probably the last sites you might think about as a music artist, but I found them to be two of the most useful tools to push my links and photos to the top of the list. You can upload all your photos to Tumblr and links to Pinterest.

3. PRESS: WRITTEN ARTICLES AND INTERVIEWS – Written work is very important for many reasons. Not only is it a timestamp on what you’re working on right now, but it’s also what fans use to understand you better. Scouters for music festivals (eg: Mala Luna, SXSW, Coachella etc) generally need to see written work befor they decide to work with you. Labels and managers as well. You can use sites like Fivvr or Facebook groups to purchase interviews and PR without an agent. You can also reach out to us!

4. FILL OUT EVERY BIO + UPDATE PICS REGULARLY – If you’re on Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube etc, it’s important to fill out the bio of each of these sites completely. The bio should be ageless, meaning it wont expire. If you can’t figure out how to write a good bio, reach out to us, or check out Fiverr and you can hire a freelance writer to put a dope bio for you. Pictures should also stay current to every new project you drop.

5. MUSIC DATABASES – This doesn’t get alot of attention, but it’s very important that your discography is updated with every drop. The sites that I use are Discogs and Musicbrainz. Both of these sites record your discography – then the AI that the search engines use, pull the data from these sites to update you as an artist.


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