Fuck You, Pay Me: Houston Rapper Casho talks Loyalty, Family and Financial Freedom.

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BH: Casho, how you feeling today? Great to have you.

CASHO: Supreme my brother. It’s great to be here.

BH: I just heard your latest drop, “Don Talk” with Marlii North. I’m diggin it. Got a video for it?

CASHO: I actually just finished the script for it, so we’ll be shooting the video very soon- thank you for tuning in bro.

BH: Most def, your music is good. You and Marlii are like Bron and Wade in 2012. You do collabs often and kill it every time. How did that come about?

CASHO: We prefer “Kobe and Shaq“, lol. Nah it’s all good. And yeah, me and Marlii grew up together. He like my blood for real. Me and him got so many records together we could drop a collab album. That was just another hit out the vault.

BH: Nice pun referring to your song “Kobe and Shaq“. Are you a Lakers fan?

CASHO: FACTS. Even though we went through a lil slope for a few years, I’m still loyal to my team. I’m big on that. Now everybody a Lakers fan it seem like.

BH: It’s crazy how we lost Mamba and Gianna right? I’m still in shock.

CASHO: Yeah, that was a big loss. A lot of motivation gone for people. Just like a lot of inspiration was gone when Nipsey passed. Not to take any light off of them, there’s situations where families lose loved ones everyday. I think the world is hurt behind it. But it feels a lot worse when that person is closest to you. You know?

BH: You hit a good point there. Did you know that a lot of the black youth is taken by gun violence, usually by people they know?

CASHO: Yeah. It’s a lot of betrayal seems like. Everyone has a motive for something. It’s best to stay solo on the path to success. You block out a lot of distractions that way.

BH: It seems like you tend to stay loyal to the same circle; from your producers, to your videographer and the folks in your videos. Tell me about that.

CASHO: It’s really just building chemistry. The guys I work with all know my strengths and my weaknesses and we all on the same page with the content we release.

Photo Credit: Shot By Oreo 2021

BH: What does loyalty mean to you?

CASHO: Loyalty means having my best interest, even my back. You won’t betray me for no money or whatever it may be.

BH: Congrats on the newborn. Is she your first?

CASHO: Yes she is – thank you also.

BH: No doubt. What’s on Casho’s playlist right now?

CASHO: Mr. Chicken (Never Could), a lot of Lil Wayne, that new J. Cole, and all of Casho’s unreleased music. I try to listen to myself as much as possible.

BH: Any new upcoming projects in the vault?

CASHO: “Fuck You Pay Me”, the mixtape is awaiting an official release date. “Now They Wanna Hear Me Speak” is my album name. I’m currently working on that as I release some singles in the meantime.

BH: Have you traveled at all lately?

CASHO: I have some connects in Florida. I wanna hit New York soon though.

BH: What’s in New York?

CASHO: Scenery. Different environments bring out a different you.

BH: I heard that. Do you know what your end goal is though?

CASHO: Financial freedom for my daughter and my family. I appreciate everyone who support me and the team I work with. As long as we all set up to live without worry, we gone continue to have fun and keep poppin our shit.


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