A Devine Intervention: Milwaukee Artist Nasa Lamode Talks Bucks, Money and Music

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Photo Credit: Rob Ran 2021

BH: Whats up Nasa? Good to have you.

NASA: Whats going down? Good to be here.

BH: Being from Milwaukee, are you excited about the Bucks making it to the finals?

NASA: I still can’t believe it. I’m amped up, no cap.

BH: You’re not worried about Devin Booker and CP3? What’s going on with Giannis’ knee injury?

NASA: Should I be? I mean we in too deep. And this is the furthest we been since 1974. I always had faith and supported my team. I think I read somewhere that Giannis is jumping off the porch for the next game, but we’ll see.

BH: Chris Paul scored 41 points in game 6 last week. Did you know that Booker currently holds the number 10 spot for player with the most points in a game? Thats right under some amazing talent like Wilt Chamberlain, Kobe, and Elgin Baylor. With that said I would say so.

NASA: I’m confident in my team. Hurdles gotta be jumped in order for records to be set. We got a solid squad. Trae Young was out for 2 games and so was Giannis. And we still brought that trophy home. I think we’ve proven that we still show up by any means. I understand that it’s doubters but that’s my team no matter what.

BH: Are you in Milwaukee right now?

NASA: Gotta be here. This is history in the making. Maybe I’ll stay till we win.

BH: Where would you be headed after?

NASA: Back to Houston. I been out here for some months, so I’m excited to be going back. I’m going to Vegas for my birthday first though.

BH: Sounds lit! Do you gamble?

NASA: If it feel right. I keep it P always, but if the vibe right, its a go.

Photo Credit: Rob Ran 2021

BH: I can dig that. Any new projects you working on?

NASA: I just dropped my first “Neo Soul” type joint, Anotha Lifetime. It’s the second single off my up coming EP “Devine Intervention”.

BH: Your versatility is crazy. Is the whole EP going to be R&B?

NASA: Thanks, but no, not quite. I played with some more flows. You’ll just have to see for yourself.

BH: Dope! Did you lose any money with Dogecoin or Bitcoin?

NASA: I got a lil something in my pocket. It didnt go where I thought it would but I’m posted up for now. I deal with other investments too though. I never put all my grits in one pot.

BH: I saw that you started a merch site. How’s that going?

NASA: I was trippin when I saw all them orders come in. My vision is my merch being a fire ass brand. More than just “fan club” shit. I envisioned something that people can step in. Like Yeezy and Cactus Jack.

BH: Whats it called?

NASA: Space Cadet Szn

BH: Is the music bringing in good money?

NASA: I’m learning how to make money as an artist still. From what it’s looking like though, it’s levels to this shit. I aint did no paid performances yet, but I bet that’s where the money at. I been mainly focussed on laying down my foundation first. Putting out quality shit that my people can vibe on.


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