100 Years of Luck and Wealth For Cent’Anni

Interview By: Nasa Lamode

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Detroit native, Xavier “Cent’anni” Passmore, is making waves in the fashion world from runway shows in NYFW to motion throughout Houston, where he now resides. I got the chance to chop it up with the multi talented model who also is a photographer and we talked about where he currently is in his career and where he’s headed. Check it out.

Cent’Anni in GSKF | Photo Cred: Nasa Lamode shot in Studio A1, Houston TX 2023

NASA: Centanni. Thank for stopping through – How you feelin?

CENT’ANNI: Shit, I’m feelin great.

NASA: How did you get your name? What does it mean?

CENT’ANNI: It was from “The Godfather”. It means 100 years of longevity, abundance, and wealth. You know, for me and the family.

NASA: So what do you do?

CENT’ANNI: Photographer and model. I also attend school at HCC [Houston Community College] for Merchandising. Hustle.

Cent’Anni in GSKF | Photo Cred: Nasa Lamode
shot in Studio A1, Houston TX 202

NASA: Where you from?

CENT’ANNI: Detroit.

NASA: What side?


NASA: There’s a rich history in Detroit – From being known as “The Motor City” to being the Black Music Business Meca of the US in the 1960’s with ‘Motown‘. Did you learn a lot about that growing up?

CENT’ANNI: Yeah, my dad took me to ‘Hitsville’ when I was real young. Hitsville is a historical museum that was once a Motown recording studio.

Cent’Anni in GSKF | Photo Cred: Nasa Lamode
shot in Studio A1, Houston TX 2023

NASA: Where do you live now?

CENT’ANNI: Houston.

NASA: Would you that you moving to Houston helped propel your career?

CENT’ANNI: I would say that it helped me navigate the industry better.

NASA: What you do in your free time?

CENT’ANNI: What is free time? Haha, it ain’t no free time.

NASA: We recently saw you on Vogue. Tell us about that.

CENT’ANNI: Yea, they featured me on ‘Club Vogue’. They were interested in what I was doing and wanted to spotlight me. It’s this community that they’re building that showcases inclusivity and diversity through allowing people whose careers are still building to be discovered. I like that they are more open now. This allows people to get their shine on.

Cent’anni featured on Vogue Club via Instagram

NASA: Yeah, you’re definitely getting your shine on. We saw you all thru NYFW last year.

CENT’ANNI: Yeah, it’s all about getting out there and being seen. I’m trying to make my face known to cast directors and designers. This industry is all about putting yourself out there. If you’re in one of those small towns, it’s best to get out to New York or one of those major cities for this career.

NASA: Who did you walk for last year?

CENT’ANNI: ‘Dope Tavio‘, ‘Blk Top Kope‘, ‘Rey Jaiteh‘.

NASA: Were you able meet and chop it up with the designers?


NASA: Was this your first major runway situation?


Cent’Anni in GSKF | Photo Cred: Nasa Lamode
shot in Studio A1, Houston TX 2023
Cent’Anni in GSKF | Photo Cred: Nasa Lamode
shot in Studio A1, Houston TX 2023

NASA: Which designers would you want to work with?

CENT’ANNI: Gucci, Versace, Prada, Tom Ford, all that high end shit. Burberry.

NASA: One of my homies in the Navy is stationed out in Osaka, Japan. We just chopped it up yesterday and he was telling me that they heavy on the “Bottega” right now. You ever been outside the country?

CENT’ANNI: Yea, London in 2019. My agency had me out there for fashion week.

NASA: You got any projects in the works?

CENT’ANNI: Just fashion week coming up. Just focused on that.

NASA: Got any advice that you can give to someone just starting off?

CENT’ANNI: Be humble, but be aware. Don’t get taken advantage of. You still gotta pay your bills.

NASA: I really appreciate you dropping in and helping us launch our new studio here in Houston, TX. You welcome anytime.

CENT’ANNI: Fasho. Appreciate it.


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