Jillian Brown – Kick In The Door of Fashion

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Interview By: Nasa Lamode

The world of beauty is an ever changing industry that has constantly shifted since since the begining of time. One of the key elements of beauty is the artistry behind makeup. With the advancement of technology and social media, makeup has also followed in those footsteps. Jillian Brown of Houston, TX is a makeup artist that is stepping out the box and stepping into the world of fashion, where beauty thrives.

Jillian’s forte is natural beauty which is all the rage in the fashion right now. We had the honor of featuring her in our very first fashion show in partnership with The Serenity Project. We went ahead and reached out to her and here’s what she had to say:

Nasa: Jillian, it’s great to have you on Bad Habit. How are you?

JIllian: Thank you for having me. I’m doing good.

Nasa: So you’re going to be one of the makeup artists working on set at our very first fashion show Oct 9th. Have you done fashion before?

JIllian: I have not. This is actually my first fashion show. I’m pretty excited to try this new experience.

Nasa: Thats dope. How did your career actually start? Where do you plan on goin with it?

JIllian: Well, I’m actually a home-based and travel makeup artist. I’d say I’ve been doing this for a couple years now and I’m just trying to grow from here.

Nasa: Serenity, my business partner, told me that she met you at a makeup store and that’s where the idea to team up with us at the show came from. Is that correct?

JIllian: Yes I did, I met her at a local makeup store and was able to get in touch with her and work with her.

Nasa: How did that conversation go?

JIllian: It was great. I was really excited to partner with her and help eachother with both of our projects and having her as my model for some makeup looks.

Nasa: How long have you been doing makeup?

JIllian: I’ve been doing makeup since middle school and started to take things more serious with my clientele in 2019.

Nasa: Do you have a favorite beauty guru or influencer?

JIllian: My favorite influencer right now is this celebrity makeup artist named Mario. I’ve been watching him for a while now.

Nasa: What’s your go-to products?

JIllian: My go to products would have to be “Fenty” and “MAC” for sure.

Model Valencia Jackson at the LNQ Elements Fashion Show 2022 | Makeup by Jillian Brown

Nasa: What are some products you usually stay away from and why?

JIllian: I try to stay away from products that have a lot of fragrances in them. I know as makeup artists, we try to focus on products that work best, but I try to focus on what’s the cleanest and safest on my all clients’ skin.

Nasa: If I gave you $300 right now on a make up shopping spree, what are you buying?

JIllian: I’d probably be buying more of my go-to products and the products that work well for me.

Nasa: Do you have any advice for anyone just starting out?

JIllian: I’d say always practice consistently. Everything takes time and you just have to be patient. You’ll eventually grow as long as you don’t stop. Get what you can afford and try to get into some ‘one-on-one’ makeup courses and classes.

Nasa: Thank you for tappin in. Can’t wait to see you at the show! 

JIllian: Thank you for having me it was nice meeting you!


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