London Artist Ayoo K3n Is Ready To Drop His First Ever Music Video

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Interview By: Toreon Scott

Who Is Ayoo K3n?

Ayoo K3n 2021

The city of London has birthed many creatives and throughout history, many trends have been set, such as art and archetecture. But most importantly, music.

Emerging out of Brixton at the young age of 23, rising music artist “Ayoo K3n” is grinding to take the entertainment industry by storm. K3n focusses on creating his own unique sound and has maintained a humble vision within his craft, however his dreams are much larger as his goal is to become one of the greatest entertainers that the world has ever seen.

Coming from a multicultural and diverse region, K3n derives influence from people all over the world. His greatest inspiration comes from the late Michael Jackson – from his music to the dancing. This helped shape the man Ayoo K3n is today.

K3n has always remained original, doing the things that other people won’t and staying inspired by life experiences. Good friends and successful collaborations keep K3n focused and consistent in the musical business.

With not one music video released in his 7 year career, K3n continues to stay relevant by making music and building productive relationships with other popular musicians and entertainers around the world. K3n plans on dropping his first music video this year and looks to collaborate with more artists for his second EP. Ayoo K3n is reaching for the stars with his skills and individuality and looks forward to working with massive artists like 6lack, Chris brown, The Weeknd and more. 

Scott: How old are? Where are you from?

Ayoo K3n: Im 23 years old and I’m from Brixton, London.

Scott: 23 is a young age. I’m 26 and still learning a lot in life. There’s a quote that says, “In your 20’s you learn, in your 30’s you earn.” You have an extensive catalog of singles and great music altogether. What are the most important things you’ve learned in your music career?

Ayoo K3n: To be humble and to continue reaching above the stars. 

Scott: Good results come out of being humble. That’s a fact. Tell me more about your city and the people from there.

Ayoo K3n: Brixton is a multicultural area with down to earth vibes. We have great foods and music in the streets of London – so much talent and inspiration.

Scott: That’s amazing. What inspired you to make music in the first place?

Ayoo K3n: When I was around 8 or 10 my grandfather had a bunch of old records and I came across Michael Jackson’s. Ever since, I’ve been studying and learning and I knew that’s exactly what I want to be in life – One of the greatest entertainers to ever live.

Scott: I’m sure you know that a lot of people are fighting for the same spot, what makes you and your music stand out from the next man?

Ayoo K3n: My sound is nothing like the rest. To be honest, I don’t even know what genre my music even is. I get inspired from everything, I mean everything. Disney musicals, Hip-Hop, Pop and R&B. I see what others are doing and I do the opposite, thats how I stay different and original.

Scott: People can sometimes tend to hate on individuality. In a world full of distractions how do you stay consistent and focused?

Ayoo K3n: Honestly, good friends of mine who do music too. They’re always grinding, never resting, only getting better – They inspire me to keep going and to never give up, shout out to ViibesFromNetto and Zeluz!

Scott: Cool, teamwork and collaboration is key. With the release of your most recent project “Her Life”, what goals are you setting for yourself within the year?

Ayoo K3n: Definitely wanna drop some music videos. During my 7 year career, I haven’t released a single music video! I definitely wanna drop a 2nd EP as well, with new artists to work with on the project.


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