🚨 Rising Radar: “Show Em How To Get Dine” – Casho

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It’s been four months since Casho dropped his most anticipated project yet “FWMIYC – Fuck With Me If You Can“. Never disappointing us with a cutting edge visual to ride with his latest hit single is one of Casho’s signature moves, so it came to no surprise that “Show Em How To Get Down Pt 1” was yet another W in his extensive catalog. We got the honor of a being hand delivered a early sneak peak. This video was shot and directed by NotManaged and dons cameos with fellow artists Yung Matta and Nasa Lamode. The video is expected to drop Weds, August 10 2022.

Casho sits atop and within the ramps of a Houston skatepark delivering us brutal punchlines over smooth flows in this top shelf quality visual. This song reminisces 2000’s Lil Wayne with a twist that is all unique to us. The song itself is under 2mins but it’s sweet and straight to the point.

Check out the song now here:


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