Chop Not Slop: DJ Candlestick Is Making Plays

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BH: What’s goin’ down DJ Candlestick? It’s good to have you.

DJ CANDLESTICK: Whats the deal

BH: Let’s take it back to we first met. I believe it was a pop-up event at ‘Options’ back in 2019 and you was on the wax, so I grabbed your info for an event that I was planning. Back then I had no clue that you was the face behind “Chopstars” & “ChopNotSlop”. How did that come to be?

DJ CANDLESTICK: I used to DJ college parties at mainly ‘U of H‘, ‘TSU Radio‘, and also other colleges/clubs all over Texas. I would also use that to pass out my mixtapes. Fast forward – I then ran into OG Ron C about ’07/’08, via Dj Hi C. I started bugging OG with my cds until he finally listened. He then made me a “Chopstar” and that’s when the mixtape grind began.

BH: Wild. Since then, you got your hands on some pretty big projects. I was geeked when I saw you had chopped up “Fuck The World” by Brent Faiyaz. That was perfect timing and a dope ass project. What was the process on that?

DJ CANDLESTICK: I think their team heard my version of “Sonder Son” floating around on SoundCloud and reached out to a mutual friend, Sama’an, to connect with me. They wanted to drop the “ChopNotSlop” version of the project around the original’s release date . After a few calls with his manager we made it happen.

DJ CANDLESTICK: We dropped the official remixes for Don Toliver’s latest album, “Heaven or Hell”, DVSN’s, “A Muse In Her Feelings”, Thundercat’s “Drank”… the list goes on.

BH: The ‘Heaven or Hell’ joint got off. But I didn’t know that you locked in with Thundercat. That’s dope. It was another function at Options, that I popped out at last year and you was on the speakers. It was like a 90’s West Coast joint. [Which was jumpin’ by the way.] But when you pulled off, I remember you had a clean ass throwback. What was that a ‘Cutlass’?

DJ CANDLESTICK: I had a ‘1991 Mercedes Benz SEL’

BH: Stiff. You still got it?


BH: What do you look for with new projects and new artists and shit?

DJ CANDLESTICK: Potential and a good sound. Also gotta realize that sometimes the artist is not ready, but can still grow and become something with some advice and little help.

BH: Who’s an artist you really want to work with?

DJ CANDLESTICK: Pretty much worked with all the artists I wanted to work with. I want to start finding new talent.

BH: What you got planned for this upcoming year?

DJ CANDLESTICK: We restarting “The ChopNotSlop Show” on OVO Radio/Sound 42 on Sundays.

BH: Cold blooded. Sound like you got a lot up your sleeve. Before we wrap it up, let me ask you this, what’s on DJ Candlestick playlist right now?

DJ CANDLESTICK: All types of random shit. Been listening to songs like Smiley – “In My Zone”, Drake – “CLB”, afrobeats/dancehall.

BH: Anything other knowledge you wanna drop on us?

DJ CANDLESTICK: Also we’ll be dropping an album with all Indie artists called “WavesOn”

BH: Appreciate the talk man. Good luck with all your future projects. Make sure to stay locked in.


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