Rising Radar: Miu Haiti – “Is This Love”

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As winter comes to a close, the new beginnings of spring are upon us; Thus, making it the perfect time for Miu Haiti to make her 2023 debut with “Is This Love”. Miu Haiti kicks off the month of March with her new single, accompanied by a music video. “Is This Love” is a change of pace from her previous hard-hitting records, “Real Ones” and “In ‘Em Face”, which collectively amassed about 200,000 streams and views. “Is This Love” demonstrates her versatility and puts her vocal range to the forefront. 

The artists latest single is fairly self-explanatory through its title, however matters of the heart are rarely that simple. Miu dives deep into the raw emotion of love and pragmatic idea of love. She perfectly depicts the complex feelings and thoughts that come after the honeymoon phase of a relationship. “When you’re dating someone that you really like who is playing all the right cards, you are subjected to many feelings.” Miu Haiti continues, “The initial curiosity, lust, and infatuation soon give way to admiration, and one seeks to break away from this bewitchment to ponder, in a state of confusion: ‘Is this love?'” 

Her booming, sultry voice compliments the eclectic Pop and R&B/Soul ballad well. Not only does she wow listeners from a vocal performance perspective, she also must be given her flowers for her penmanship. From the catchy chorus to the melodious harmonies, Miu Haiti showcases her songwriting prowess. 

Her previous single, “Real Ones,” was self-produced, but for “Is This Love,” she reunited with Haitian producer Nice Beat (Andy Irwin Charles). She enlisted her former tourmate, Zach Hughes, to mix the masterpiece. The simple yet captivating music video was the artistic vision of Canadian artistic director Ralph Leroy. His vision was carried out by videographer Ryan J. Ardito. The music video was filmed in Purfek TV’s studio, and video director Storm provided additional directorial guidance and was the final piece of the international dream team that Miu Haiti assembled. The sensual, serene visual encapsulates the fluttering feelings expressed within the track and fits the overarching theme of the record. 

“Is This Love” is set to open the floodgates for more music from the songstress. Miu Haiti has a lot more in store for the rest of the year. The opening single for 2023 is a prelude of what’s to come as she plans to release an EP later this year. For the time being, fall head over heels in love with “Is This Love”. 


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