🚨 Rising Radar: “24’s” – JandroBands

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Coming straight out of Des Moines, JandroBands represents the Midwest with “24’s” Ft. Rare Doozy. This classic Detroit style flow and beat reminds you something out the books of Payroll Giovanni, Rio Da Yung OG, or GMac Cash.

A true testiment to the ‘Quad City‘ region is when the video opens up an an ‘Amoco‘ Gas Station [only found in the midwest] and accompanied by the the throwback Indiana State Jersey and the classic “Buffs“. The video was shot and edited by Yuchun Productions by Alan Duong, a photographer and videographer also out of Des Moines.

This video also includes a feature from Rare Doozy, a fellow Hip-Hop artist from Des Moines. “24’s” officially dropped on August 19th and is now available to check out below. You should add this song to any playlists featuring Babyface Ray, old school Sada Baby, or PM Capo. This is a good song to ride to or just vibe out in the club or concert. Check it out!


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