🚨 Rising Radar: “Unfinished Business”

Review By: Nasa Lamode

Today, I had the pleasure of reviewing the upcoming project of none other than the Helecia “SKG” Choyce.

This project unwravels with a bold re-introduction of the Los Angeles based rap star, with the smooth late 90’s reminiscant, cadillac gangsta cruisin’- “Through My Eyes“, featuring Keith Robinson. In the next songs we get major pressure from iconic features- including Cassidy, Boosie BadAzz, Juvenille and list goes on. “Bad Azz Bitch” is the new lady CEO anthem. This project has a mad different vibes to keep you from losing interest. SKG takes you from Jamaica with Beenie Man in the retro dancehall joint “Run It“, all the way to Houston – the city of big chips + dirty sprite with Paul Wall in “Big Chainz, Big Grill“.

Choyce closes this rollercoaster of an album with a heartfelt tribute to her late brother “Trayveon Choyce“. You can feel the pain in her words.

Check out “Unfinished Business” by SKG here. 📍


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